Chronicles of Tellus


Session Four

Date Unknown

My eyes open. The heat on my face is unbearable. I see orange and red and yellow dancing across the sky. It is beautiful. My eyes shut.


My eyes open. The beauty is gone and all that is left is an infernal Hell. My face blisters from the heat. I am dying. I look left and see the building wreathed in flame. The fires grow, creeping closer to me, hungry to taste my flesh and burn my bones. I struggle to move away, the gash in my side spilling my lifeblood on the ground. Each inch brings relief as the heat lessens and lessens. Hell recedes behind me. I crawl for my life. The heat fades. My eyes shut.


My eyes open. I am in a room, surrounded by faces I do not recognize. I try to move, but I am held down to the table. A man approaches. He looks like a butcher, but his eyes more intelligent. His work has boon long, and weary. He tells me to be still, that I am safe, that I must not move. I lift my head and see that I am bandaged. I have been stripped to my waist, the gash in my side tended, and my effects placed in a corner. Perhaps the man is not lying to me. Perhaps I am safe. But, I have thought myself safe before. He gives me a drink, says it will help me sleep. I drink. My eyes shut.


My eyes open. I am no longer bound and can sit up. I look around the sparsely decorated room. I look out the window and see only wreckage. Burnt buildings. Men collecting bodies. Disarray. Despair. I am still in Eastbrook it seems, but judging from the line of neatly wrapped corpses it seems a number of days have passed since the Event.

It all comes back to me. The man falling from the sky. His supernatural healing. He ranted about someone hunting him. He said we would save them. We. Adorshea. Dnalor. Kulthar. Finn. Me. We would save him. Then he vanished. The battle came next. We rushed into town, eager to save the folk from the invaders. I know not why. Myself, I would have left the town. And yet I came. I am tied to these people, I think. Not the folk, they matter not to me. No. To the other four. We have been selected for…something. We are bound. I know it. I feel it.

Finn fell. They saved her.
Dnalor fell. They saved him.
Kulthar fell. They saved him.
I fell. They…did not save me.

I am left behind. Surrounded by orange and red and yellow. We are bound, yes. But they left me.

We are bound.

And I will find them.

-Relim Felris



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