Chronicles of Tellus

Cleansing Phandalin

Session Twelve

Weansday, 24th of Nuvemben, 4762 SR

Phandalin is being taken advantage of by these Redbrand ruffians, and I will seek to defend the townsfolk in glorious, combat. I update my journal fresh off an exhilarating victory over those scum Redbrands that have taken over this small town. We’d heard from the local folk that sometimes members of the Redbrands would hang out a local tavern, and Adorshea and i decided to take a chance and see if they were there.

They were.

Upon entering the bar, one of the Redbrands felt it necessary to taunt me. Stupid Redbrands have not met Kulthar Stormrage, and did not know who they were speaking to. Once I showed them my lack of appreciation for how they were treating this town, they attacked Adorshea and I. Once again, they showed they have not met Kulthar Stormrage, otherwise they clearly would have not tried to fight us. Within a minute, all 4 of them were unconscious on the floor, ready to be restrained and questioned. I am lucky there were four of them to question. Even after they saw how mighty Adorshea and I were as a team, they continued to be rude, refusing to give us any information and even spitting on our face. We had to knock three of them out again before the 4th realized he should tell us what we wanted to hear.

-The Redbrands hideout is near the graveyard, and guarded by Skeletons.
-The Redbrands are lead by a mage named Glasstaff. It is an unfortunate name, as it is something that can easily be shattered.
-The Glass Staff reports to the Black Spider.

This Black Spider seems to have his web extending into everything we are encountering, and seems to be what is ailing many good folk. I believe I will have to crush this bug.

- Kulthar



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