Chronicles of Tellus

Finding Our Companions

Session Fourteen

Thornsday, 25th of Nuvemben, 4762 SR

Since my last entry, misfortune has descended on our small group. Finn brought a strange looking human to me and Adorshea back at the inn. He appeared to have been beaten very badly, and confirmed my thoughts when he told us that he was jumped by a gang of Redbrands. Dnalor and Barnaby attempted to help him, but were apparently killed in the fray. Upon hearing this, Adorshea and I demanded he take us to where the fight happened, but our comrades bodies had been dragged off. I was able to follow the trail to Tresendar Manor, on the east side of town. Without knowing what faced us within the ruins of this once great house, we were forced to go back and further questions the Redbrands Adorshea and I had captured. Luckily, Chuffy had kept them in check, and surprisingly all alive. Here, the creature that Dnalor and Barnaby are missing because of finally showed his worth. I assumed by his fancy clothes and demeanor, he would be almost useful in talking with these thugs – but he seems to have a few tricks up his sleeve, terrifying the thugs into telling us that Tresendar Manor is the current base of operations for the Redbrands.

With this new information, we went to the town mayor, Harbin Wester. This man is weak and foolish, and undeserving to be the head of this town. He refused to acknowledge the threat of the Redbrands, and offered no support to remove them or find our friends. He seemed more concerned with asking us to deal with an infestation of orcs to the North, offering us 100 gold to force them from the area. With such a weak leader, it’s no wonder that this village is under assault from orcs and brigands alike, and they are lucky we have come here to help them. I can only hope after we secure this town, the people are smart enough to put someone capable of protecting them in charge. While at the town hall, we ran into Sildar Hallwinter. He is still looking for his Lords’ Alliance colleague, Iarno Albrek. He mentioned to us that Iarno had been assigned to investigate Tresendar Manor, and asked we look for him while looked for Dnalor and Barnaby. When asked why he could not come with us since it would serve his own interests, he mentioned he was working to eliminate the goblin threat based in Cragmaw Castle. He offered us 500 gold to assist with that, but we could not undertake such a mission without knowing the fate of the rest of our party. Luckily, we were already planning on following up on the goblins in search of Gundren Rockseeker.

Before returning to Tresendar Manor, we decided to stop by the Shrine of Luck in Phandalin. It was there that we met Sister Garaele, a member of the Harpers. She explained to us that the Harpers are a network of spies and adventurers dedicated to opposing those who abuse positions of power. I respect their objective, but spying feels like a weak profession to me. Those who need to be removed from power should be confronted, defeated, and shown how to truly use one’s power. Sister Garaele also was in need of assistance, in addition to goblins, orcs, and thugs – apparently this town has a problem with a Banshee. This banshee is in possession of a powerful spellbook, and Sister Garaele gave us a jeweled, silver comb to exchange for the book. I doubt I will be able to physically hurt a banshee if negotiations go poorly, so I will let Barnaby or our new companion Content Not Found: zaymos handle talking to the she-devil. Garaele has given us three healing potions as an advance payment, which I’m hoping we don’t need while dealing with the Redbrands.

After realizing Phandalin seems to be the most helpless town in existence, likely because of that idiot Harbin, we decided to begin our work. Zaymos, Adorshea, and I returned to Tresendor Manor to find Iarno and our friends. Adorshea was able to find a secret door leading to a small tomb in the ruins, and after dispatching a few skeletons we’ve taken a breather before pressing on. As always, I will update later – hopefully with better news than above.

- Kulthar



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