Chronicles of Tellus

Grim Forest

Session Five

Sunday, 29th Agruil, 4762 SR

Nature will always impress me with it’s raw power.

I am Kulthar Stormrage, a great warrior and I was defeated by the minions of the woods today. The bears came out of the brush, catching me off guard. Travelling with the others must have dulled my senses. I was able to quickly kill the first bear with a few blows of my mighty club, but the other was on me before I could do anything. I distinctly remember it’s claws ripping through my flesh before everything went dark. Luckily, with the bears focused on me, the others were able to group up and must have scared the other bear off.

I am slowly regaining my strength, soon we will press on in this dark forest. But before we continue, I must work with the human woman Finn with her bow. I haven’t asked anyone else, but I swear I saw her shoot Dnalor with an arrow when she was aiming for a bear. If the mighty Kulthar is to continue to protect the others, I’d rather not be shot in the back from her good intentions. Dnalor seems capable enough, but I’m not sure how much I trust him with our lives on the line. The elf woman, Adorshea, seems to have use of magic. I don’t understand how it works, but I count her an ally because of it.

I will write more once we find this Serpent Sage.




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