Chronicles of Tellus

Inner Spirit

Session Seven

Weansday, 21st Nuvemben, 4762 SR

It has been sometime since I last wrote on these pages. Since my last entry, it’s impossible to determine exactly how much time has passed, and how much I have changed. Our travels through the woods have finally yielded results, but at an interesting cost. Time. My travelling companions, actually my friends, and I at this point decided to clear our minds of anything but the thoughts of nature, and have been rewarded by interacting with the last Tree Herder in Alduria, and likely the entire world. A direct descendant of Obad-Hai, this is likely the closest any of us will ever be to an actual god.

Despite our personal breakthroughs, we unfortunately did not come across much further information regarding the man who fell from the sky, only that we should do further research on Lhûg Golodh, the Serpent Sage, to learn more. Our time in the woods is over now, and we will begin to venture out. I spoke of the cost of time before, it will truly be interesting to see what has changed since we have been gone. I feel our time here has changed all of us, an evolution of sorts. Adorshea seems to have outgrown her Elvish traits and gained those of a dragon, and has forgotten most of her magical prowess in favor of combat. I have grown in size, and seemed to have lost any orcish features I once had. Dnalor has also taken a more draconic form. I feel as though Finn is the only one who remained fairly unchanged by our time. A new viewpoint and world await us outside these woods, I know we entered them in the middle of the third age of our time, and my best guess would indicate that once we leave, the world will have just begun it’s fifth age. It will be a new experience.

- Kulthar



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