Chronicles of Tellus

People to See and Places to Go

Session Eleven

Tearsday, 23rd of Nuvemben, 4762 SR

We have made it to Phandalin, we have learned much, we have much more to learn.

The New people we have met:
1.) Elmar Barthen. He is a human male, aged to his 50s, and owns Barthen’s Provisions. He knows the Rockseekers, seems to have hired them to get goods for him. Upon learning about the disappearance of said Rockseekers, he claimed the goods that we brought back from the raid on the goblins. I am skeptical that these were his but he did pay us each 10 gold for the delivering of said supplies. Seems to be bullied by local gang the Redbrands. Also has much distaste for the town master, Harbin Wester.
2.) Linene Greywind. She works at the Lionshield Coster. She seems to not know much but did mention Yartar as the origin of the Lionshield Merchant Company. We mentioned the weaponry, marked with the Lionshield logo, in the caves guarded by Goblins and she paid the group 50 gold for finding these undelivered goods.
3.) Pip Stonehill. A small child, with a large imagination it seems. He has told of the dragon he slayed, though I can’t believe that my ancestors would be easy enough for a child to defeat. He claims that his friend, Carp Alderleaf, has found some sort of tunnel in the woods and was almost caught by the Redbrands.
4.) Qelline Alderleaf. A half-ling that mothers the child Carp. She justifies my thoughts on the child Pip in that he tells tall tales and shouldn’t be taken seriously. I knew he couldn’t have killed a dragon on his own.

Places we have gone:
1.) Barthen’s Provisions. Here Barnaby, Kulthar, and maybe Dnalor bought supplies. I was not idiotic enough to spend my coin in such a shop as the selection was grossly overpriced and quite under whelming.
2.) Lionshield Coster. A place to buy weapons, but not of stellar quality in my opinion.
3.) Stonehill Inn. This place is rather disgusting in my eyes but it will do, as a modest room only cost 8 silver.
4.) Alderleaf Farm. Home to the half-lings. Even in the dark I could tell that the people of Phandalin have mediocre tastes in living conditions.

As I a fore mentioned, the Redbrands. This is a gang of hoodlums that follows no formal law. They shake down the local businesses and leave fear in their wake.
The town has a governing type headmaster, Harbin Wester. As far as I can tell no one cares for this Wester fellow and I can’t seem to fathom how he has remained in power. My only conclusion is that he and the Redbrands are in cahoots of sort.

I’m sure that my crew of adventurers will want to take as much time as possible in the god forsaken town. I stay quietly in the background and observe. I feel as if I am surrounded by nothing but idiots and if I don’t stay quiet, I may find myself lacking an entourage. I will patiently wait for the need of my help but I can’t guarantee I won’t be judging everyone silently.




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