Chronicles of Tellus

Quest Log

A Running List of Quests

Main Quests

These are the overall story quests and must be completed to advance the campaign. Essentially, the backbone of any adventure in Tellus.

Quest Name Description Reward Quest Assignment
Who is the Raving Man Determine the identity of the man who fell from the sky and landed near Eastbrook. Unknown Deitouched
Find Lhûg Golodh Find the “Serpent Sage” and determine how he relates to the Raving Man.
  • Search the Gray Wood for the ancient spirit of the forest called Lhum Galadh, or the Tree of Shade, who may know of Lhûg Golodh.
  • Tread through the Grey Wood for many days before encountering sentient treefolk called the Deku.
  • After six months, the Deku have been befriended and lead us to Lhum Galadh, an ancient spirit that can control the forest itself. He takes the form of a large tree with a face, much like Obad-Hai.
  • Lhum Galadh does not know Lhûg Golodh, but admits he sense a power in each of us that is far older and far greater than he. He recommends we seek larger towns for information and clues, but warns that we should be careful in who we trust.
  • In Tresendar Manor we encountered a Nothic who informed us that we should not seek a Serpent Sage but, rather, a Dragon Sage…THE Dragon Sage.
Unknown Deitouched
Rescue the Bosses Find Gundren Rockseeker and Sildar Hallwinter 10% Wave Echo Cave profits Deitouched

Side Quests

Optional quests offered to simultaneously flesh out the world of Tellus and grant additional treasure or XP to the adventurers.

Quest Name Description Reward Quest Assignment
Old Owl Trouble Daran Edermath, a retired adventurer, heard that there are hordes of undead near Old Owl Well and asks the group to investigate. Daran’s Thanks Deitouched
Orc Trouble Harbin Wester of Phandalin requested you remove the orc threat at Wyvern Tor 100 Gp Deitouched
Reidoth the Druid Qelline Alderleaf thanks the group for helping the town by suggesting they visit Reidoth in Thundertree if they wish to learn locations in the area.
  • Found Reidoth and learned the exact location of Cragmaw Castle and the rough location of any other landmark in the area.
  • Reidoth will not share the location of Wave Echo Cave unless we help defeat the green dragon that inhabits Thundertree.
  • Spoke with the dragon, Venomfang, and offered to gift him Cragmaw Castle in exchange for his vacating Thundertree.
  • Venomfang tells them they have a fortnight to secure the castle, else he will hint the party down and devour them for lying to his face and insulting his power.
  • Removed the goblinoids from the castle and offered the property to Venomfang.
Directions to Prominent Locations in Region Deitouched
Sildar’s Gear Found a sword and chain mail in Cragmaw Castle that belongs to Sildar. Unknown Deitouched
The Banshee’s Bargain Sister Garaele of the Shrine of Luck in Phandalin asked you to treat with the banshee Agatha and learn of the location of the legendary mage Bowgentle‘s spellbook.
  • Asked this of Agatha in trade for a silver comb from Sister Garaele.
  • Agatha traded Bowgentle’s spellbook to a necromancer named Tsernoth from Iriaebor

  • Hamun Kost requests you ask Agatha the name of the wizard who built Old Owl Well.
    • Did not ask this question.
Sister Garaele: Three potions of healing (paid in advance) and prayers to Tymora
Hamun Kost: Forgiveness for slaying his zombies

Player Quests

Goals set by the players themselves. This list is more for DM benefit so that it will be possible to identify what the players wish to do and built actual quests around that.

Quest Name Description Reward Quest Assignment
Talon’s Heir Find the heir of Sir Aldith Tresendar and return his lost sword, Talon. Self Satisfaction Deitouched
Join the Emerald Enclave Seek entrance into the Emerald Enclave by completing the quest “Reidoth the Druid” and returning to Reidoth in Thundertree. Membership Deitouched
Join the Harpers Seek entrance into the Harpers by completing the quest “The Banshee’s Bargain” and returning to Sister Garaele in Phandalin. Membership Deitouched
Join the Lords’ Alliance Seek entrance into the Lords’ Alliance by completing the quest “Finding Iarno” or “Finding Cragmaw Castle” and returning to Sildar Hallwinter in Phandalin. Membership Deitouched
Join the Order of the Gauntlet Seek entrance into the Order of the Gauntlet by completing the quests “Old Owl Trouble” and “Redbrand Terror” and returning to Daran Edermath in Phandalin.
  • Completed Redbrand Terror
Membership Deitouched
Join the Zhentarim Seek entrance into the Zhentarim by completing the quest “Halia’s Job Offer” and returning to Halia Thornton in Phandalin.
  • Completed Redbrand Terror
  • Spoke with Halia and joined Zhentarim at rank “Fang”
  • Halia explains further instruction will come later; for now, keep a low profile.
Membership Chuffy Mogmurch

Completed Quests

A continuous list of all completed quests, regardless of original section.

Quest Name Description Reward Quest Assignment
Caravan Guard Escort Gundren Rockseeker‘s caravan of good to Phandalin and deliver to Barthen’s Provisions 10 Gp each Deitouched
Finding Iarno Sildar Hallwinter is seeking a missing Lords’ Alliance member named Iarno Albrek. He was last known to be on a mission for the Alliance and disappeared while exploring the area around Tresendar Manor.
  • Although we have not found Iarno, we did locate Dnalor and Barnaby, who were both being held prisoner in the Manor
  • While exploring the Manor we discovered that the wizard Glasstaff was actually Iarno all along.
  • Captured Glasstaff and returned him to Sildar for judgement.
Sildar’s Assistance in finding Dnalor & Barnaby Deitouched
Lionshield Supplies Found a stash of stolen goods in Cragmaw Hideout with the sigil of the Lionshields. Find who they belong to. 50 Gp Deitouched
Mirna’s Heirloom Mirna Dendrar offered her family heirloom located in Thundertree as reward for rescuing her from the Redbrands Emerald Necklace (200Gp) Deitouched
Redbrand Terror A band of ruffians is terrorizing Phandalin. They call themselves the Redbrands. Find their lair and stop them.
  • Townmaster Harbin Wester is the only man in town who does not seem to thing the Redbrands are a threat. Highly suspect.
  • Pip Stonehill claims that his friend Carp Alderleaf found a secret entrance to the Redbrand hideout.
  • Attempt to question Carp but his mother, Qelline Alderleaf, drove us off.
  • Redbrands frequent the Sleeping Giant tavern.
  • Investigate the Sleeping Giant and get into a fight with several Redbrands.
  • Captives taken at the Sleeping Giant reveal they are led by a wizard named Glasstaff who was hired by an unknown figure called the Black Spider.
  • Redbrand hideout is near the old crypts.
  • Investigation led to Tresendar Manor where a group of Redbrands was found, but no more.
  • Convince Pip to bring Carp to us. Carp leads the way to his “secret passage.”
  • Gain entrance into the bowels of Tresendar Manor and continue search for Iarno Albrek.
  • Eliminated all of the Redbrands in the Manor and captured their leader, Glasstaff, who was actually Iarno.
Unknown Deitouched
Finding Cragmaw Castle Sildar Hallwinter requests you assist in removing the goblin threat from the Phandalin area by finding their lair, Cragmaw Castle.
  • Learned from Droop the Goblin that Cragmaw Castle is north of Phandalin, in the forest.
  • Met Reidoth near Thundertree and learned the exact location of Cragmaw Castle.
  • Located the Castle and found it to be infested with goblinoids, including King Grol. After eliminating the King and the other goblinoids, discovered Gundren Rockseeker being held captive.
  • As part of our promise to Reidoth, offered the castle to the green dragon, Venomfang.
  • Informed Sildar of the events and received reward.
500 Gp Deitouched
Halia’s Job Offer Halia Thornton requests the characters eliminate the Redbrands leader and retrieve any correspondence found in the leader’s quarters. 100 Gp Chuffy Mogmurch & Dnalor



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