Chronicles of Tellus

Rescuing our Employers

Session Nine

Tearsday, 23rd of Nuvemben, 4762 SR

It is only because we are taking a short rest that I have time to Chronicle the perils we’ve faced while working for the Rockseekers. A band of brigands have taken our employer, Gundren Rockseeker, and his guardian, Sildar Hallwinter, captive. After tracking them through the woods, we’ve found a small cave that appears to be their hideout. After dispatching the sentries, and a few mangy wolves in the front corridor, we found Hildar being held hostage by some Goblin captain, Yeemik, the Foul. He did not actually introduce himself with the title, “The Foul”, but one sniff of this place and it seems well placed. Alas, he will not have a chance to change this legacy as he attempted to bargain with Sildar’s life, and called our bluff as to not save him. He threw Hildar from a ledge, upsetting Kulthar to no end. Kulhar was on him within seconds, and removed any semblance of a face Yeemik had with one swift swing of us club. Luckily, Sildar survived the fall, and I was able to stabilize him using Altua‘s holy will. We were able to interrogate one of the remaining Goblins, and determined the leader of this entire hideout’s name is Klarg (Who is apparently constantly in a power struggle to control this horde according to Yeemik) and that Gundrin has been taken to another location where King Grol of the goblins is at. Apparently they are looking for a map to the entrance Phandelver’s Pact, a place of great magic and wealth in older times, and believe Gundrin can give it to them. The goblin’s yammering was difficult to understand, so it’s possible I am mistaken on this and they already have the map. I will need to learn more and update my findings.

Below are other musings regarding our current situation.

Phandelver’s Pact was a mine that both gnomes and dwarves agreed to mine over 500 year ago for wealth and magical advancement. Eventually, humans were brought in to the operation to create a magical forge of spells. Later though, an orcish army with mercenary wizards laid siege, attempted to take it for their own but sadly destroyed a large portion and the entrance to it instead, loosing most of the information regarding it. It is only by chance that one in our group knew this information at all.

Also, the goblins we are currently at odds with are working for an entity know as the “Black Spider” – It would be wise to learn more about this character and their intentions.

As always, I continue to be blessed by Altua. By his will, we will make through this wretched cave and I will be able to update this journal with more of our adventures.




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