Chronicles of Tellus

That Moist Embrace

Session Ten

Tearsday, 23rd of Nuvemben, 4762 SR

I…don’t know what’s happening to me…I seem to be fading in and out of existence…I can’t seem to remember what happened for the last few days, but today is burned in my memory…at least part of it…

When I awoke from whatever haze I was in, my companions were charging up a trash chute. With little to no knowledge of what had occurred in the interim of my memory, I charged forward assuming my companions were working towards our mutual benefit. I skipped up the trash chute and found us surrounded by a phalanx of goblins. Not long after I arose from the depths, a bugbear joined their side and…then my memory trails off again…

When I awoke the second time, we had been captured, but were left to our own devices in the deep, foul smelling keep. Apparently they thought so little of our party that they didn’t mind allowing us some space. Well this time they were mistaken. I lit up one of them with a blast of fire and with the light that provided, along with some lightning, we were able to dispatch our few captors. Now, with some luck, my memory will hold out and we will pursue…wait – what are we here for? I’ll have to check in with one of my companions and see…if only that toothless wench were still here…I long for that moist embrace…




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