A Character Template

Edit and Copy Template for Character Layout


If dead, add “Deceased” tag.
Add other tags if highly relevant to Tellus’ history, such as Lord Cyprus’ tags.

Images are posted using the following code (it’s long):

<div style="width:400px;
margin:10px 10px 10px 10px;
padding:3px 3px 3px 3px;
<a href="IMAGE WEBSITE"> 
<img src="IMAGE URL" /> </a> 
<small> CAPTION </small> </div>

The above lines will need to be condensed to one line in order to function properly; spacing here for clarification purposes. Note that the portions in ALL CAPS should be replaced with the proper website or caption. “Image website” is the website that contains the image. “Image location” is the URL that leads directly to the image and only the image. For web-based images, right-click and select “open image location” to find the link. Change the “float” section to align the image on the page. Please limit to “left” or “right”. Note that the width in pixels (400px) may need adjusted if your image is small.

After the image is entered, copy and paste the following code. Fill as desired.

*Birthday:*  <a href="/wikis/solarion-reckoning" class="wiki-page-link">SR</a>
*Fighting Style:*

Specialties are essentially synonymous with Party Role or Character Archetype. It describes a further degree of detail beyond just the base Class. For example, a Ranger can either be an archer or melee striker. Recommended Specialties:

  • Archer – Staying well and good out of the reach of melee weaponry, Archers stay in the back field and silently pick off primary targets from afar
  • Archmage – Possessing total mastery of arcane and divine magics, Archmagi suffer no equals; their will is our reality
  • Artillery – Often casters, Artillery focus on high damage and large area of effect spells to attack numerous foes, and the occasional miss-placed ally, at once
  • Battering Ram – A mix of Tank and Glass Cannon, Battering Rams charge in and hold the line while dealing as much damage as possible
  • Battlefield Controller – Often casters, Battlefield Controllers use non-lethal spells to incapacitate and ensnare enemies or change the very layout of the battlefield
  • Blaster – Often casters, a Blaster focuses on high damage and high accuracy spells to pick off foes one at a time
  • Cavalry- Always mounted, Cavalry charge in and attempt to trample foes underfoot, swiftly dealing high amounts of damage
  • Defender – Rather than focusing on the enemy, a Defender will do whatever it takes to ensure his allies stay out of harm’s way
  • Generalist – The jack-of-all-trades, a Generalist has no focused specialty and seeks above-average abilities in all areas, at the expense of exceptional abilities in a handful
  • Glass Cannon – A Glass Cannon deals devastating amounts of damage, but the expense is a near total loss of defense and health
  • Grappler – Grapplers neutralize one foe at a time, often neutralizing themselves in the process
  • Leader – Monitoring the battlefield, a Leader shouts commands and gives tactical orders, thereby ensuring victory through organized attacks
  • Light Infantry – Wading into melee, Light Infantry seek to support the Tanks, Battering Rams, or Glass Cannons and are the standard front-line soldiers
  • Medic/Support – Often casters, these characters seeks to buff allies or offer healing when needed
  • Melee Striker – Similar to Skirmishers, Melee Strikers stick to the shadows and wait for an opportune moment to flank a foe and strike with a deadly, precise attack
  • Ranged Striker – Similar to Archers, Ranged Strikers stick to the shadows and wait for an opportune moment to flank a foe and strike with a deadly, precise attack
  • Rogue – One of the classic archetypes, Rogues are only effective in combat when hidden or an ally provides flanking. They truly shine outside of combat, when their personality and skills can get the group through any situation
  • Skirmisher – Swift speed and nimble feet mean a Skirmisher can run in-and-out of combat, swiftly striking before the foe even notices, or serve as the party scout
  • Summoner – Often casters, Summoners call upon magical beings to fight on their behalf
  • Tactical Controller – Often a melee combatant, the use of reach weapons and hampering tactics allows a Tactical Controller to herd the enemy into unfavorable positions
  • Tank – Willing to become the main target and take a lot of hits, Tanks attempt to draw as much damage as possible as a way of drawing fire off of allies


For the Bio section, copy the following code. Indent a paragraph by adding "p(. " beforehand. Each section header should be made as below, with “+” on either side in order to underline. Common sections headers are “Campaign Playthrough”, “Personality”, and “In-game History”. Note the In-Game History sections are to be removed once described in full detail.

p(. Biographical history, up to first campaign session, if applicable.

h4. +Personality+

p(. Description of personality.

h4. +Campaign Playthrough: "Campaign TItle"+

h5. "Chapter Title"

p(. Description of events in chapter.

A Character Template

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