Danorg Eemak

The Orc King


Race: Half-orc
Gender: Male
Homeland: Eripere, Alduria
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Birthday: Fervali 21, 4739 SR
Height: 6’2"
Weight: 237 lbs
Worships: None
Class: Barbarian
Prestige Class: Frenzied Berseker
Specialty: Battering Ram
Fighting Style: Raging Greataxe


The twins Danorg & Georg Eemak were abandoned outside the Dragon’s Hoard casino in the Aldurian city of Uscan. They were found emaciated and near death by Ferrious Eemak, the leader of a small village several miles from Uscan. The village of Eripere was founded to directly contrast the debauchery of Uscan. The first law of Eripere is that a family stays together at all costs. Breaking the rule brings death for the offender and their entire family. No dissent, no divorce, no leaving your parents’ home out of anger; families in Eripere stay together at all costs.

The Eemaks chose to adopt the half-orc twins and raise them as one of their own. This would prove once and for all that a strong family can unite even the most hopeless of creatures. They tried their best to teach morality, self-control, manners, and loyalty to the brothers. Basic martial skills were also taught for defensive purposes. It seemed that the Eemaks were successfully domesticating the orc blood that flowed through the twins.

And so things went well for the young brothers. Then one day the people began to notice Danorg & Georg were never together anymore. Suspicions grew against the strength of the Eemak family. Eventually it was found out that Georg had a fight of unknown cause or reason with his parents. The fight led to a dramatic bout with Danorg that resulted in Georg fleeing Eripere. Danorg agreed to act as both himself and his brother while they attempted to find Georg and bring him back. The citizens started a full revolt once they discovered the betrayal.

In the waning moments of the uprising, with the city burning in the background, the remaining Eemaks locked themselves away in their household. Citizens outside were fighting each other over whether or not to change the harsh law or to maintain the purist ideal. Tears in his eyes, Danorg left, steeling away while the battle raged. His mission was to find Georg and bring him back home to Eripere. His parents told him it was likely they would be dead on his return, but that the twin princes of the city returning together could save it and its people. And so he left, blaming himself and damning his half-orc blood.

Danorg wandered the land for many years until he tracked his brother to the small port town of Sandpointe. It was here that he learned his brother died defending Sandpointe from the invading Dark Talon Lizardfolk tribe. With this knowledge came the realization that Eripere was also doomed. And so Danorg, lost and alone, teamed up with a rag-tag band of adventurers. But he never found solace in the group and was indeed pushed further away from civilization by his “friends”. He once more set off on his own. And much to his surprise, Danorg finally found a place he can call home.

By mere chance, Danorg strayed upon a wandering orcish cleric named Krorsh. The cleric was in the middle of a pilgrimage wherein he had to wander the land to see the wicked ways of Men and Elves before he could fully arise to the status of Cleric of Gruumsh. Krorsh took Danorg as a companion and eventually led the straying half-orc back to his tribe. Here, Danorg used his superior intelligence and training to quickly become leader of the tribe. Danorg, who at this point was heartbroken over constantly pillaging villages that reminded him of Eripere, decided it was time to unite the orcish tribes and forge them into a civilized people who would be hunted and feared no more.

Knowing that this is no easy task to be completed over night, Danorg instead told the orcish tribes to focus on one large target so that they clans may reap the most rewards. He aimed them towards Greyhawk, ruled by High Lord Toxanimir. His reasoning told him that Greyhawk could easily defend itself, far more effectively than the helpless villages. Danorg would use this time to bind the orc clans to one another and, when Greyhawk inevitably won the war, the orcish clans would be forced to travel off together. Danorg would then lead them to a promised land wherein the orcs could finally settle and grow into a respectable race. This is his dream, fueled only by his will.


Danorg Eemak is probably the most intelligent half-orc you will ever meet. He is also kind, moral, polite, and contemplative. However, there are times when a look shadows his face and his orc blood takes control. Should you meet Danorg on a good day, be prepared to be surprised; he will show you courtesy most other races have trouble matching. But on a bad day, when the weight of his thoughts is crushing him, prepare to witness the lack of self-control and blind rage common to his breed. But judge him not by his appearance, for he will prove your assumptions incorrect and make you ashamed of your prejudice.

In Game History

  • Half-Orc barbarian 8
  • Hails from the town of Eripere, located near Uscan, Alduria
  • Twin brother to Georg Eemak
  • Arrived in Sandpointe at conclusion of Reptilian War and met group.
  • Severely depressed to hear his brother is dead. Currently lost spiritually, asked to travel with group because he has nowhere else to go.
  • Traveled to Uscan and helped solve the Tunnel of Gold and Missing Girls mysteries
  • Became good friends with Roland, a mercenary in Barrett’s Merceneers
  • Aided the Lucky Stag, Burly Q, and Dragon’s Hoard casinos in destroying the Evens and Odds casino
  • Traveled to Solarion to find Kirrn, met Dwarfle and decided to aid the Debted Dwarf
  • Participated in the Challenge of Champions – Page’s Gladiatorial
  • Successfully completed the Puddles Thief and Harpy Invasion quests
  • Hired by dwarven merchant to investigate Durzh’s Keep and find cure for cursed dwarven city
  • Set out to track Lasciel Tuleen after she stole the research for the dwarven cure
  • Fled civilization after encounter with Lasciel Tuleen
  • Wandered lands until stumbling upon a roaming orc band
  • Joined band and quickly used strength and intelligence to gain leadership of orc
  • Quickly united most orc tribes near the Free City of Greyhawk agaist the city
  • Successfully fended off several assassination attempts from the PCs on behalf High Lord Toxanimir of Greyhawk
  • Killed Wasalu during one encounter, but had clan Shaman, Krorsh, bring him back to life
  • Captured Dwarfle Hammerhelm, Eustace Ovidio, Kcaj, Wasalu Jaco
  • Helped old friends escape once a band of ogre attacked the orc
  • Convinced the group to tell High Lord Toxanimir to help Danorg unite the orc as reward for saving their lives

Danorg Eemak

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