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Race: Dragonborn (Red) [Former Human]
Gender: Male
Homeland: Nazca
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Birthday: Ovgust 22, 4736 SR
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 170 lbs.
Worships: Heironeous
Class: Fighter
Specialty: Light Infantry
Fighting Style: Sword & Shield
Faction: Zhentarim Fang


You were born among peasants or slum denizens. You grew up working the land around a village or manor, practicing a rudimentary trade, or begging in a settlement. In your early life, you were a victim—easy prey for those stronger or cleverer than yourself. They beat you when they could, using you for their sport. This abuse nursed a powerful flame of vengeance. You didn’t choose the military life so much as you were drafted into it. You have a non-military background and skill set. Who knows what course your life might have taken had you not been forced to take up arms? You were close to a person who claimed to see the future—perhaps an oracle, seer, prophet, or merely some festival charlatan. Whether they’re true or a trick, you’ve seen visions of distant places and of times that may come to pass. The seer’s influence either made you into an optimist with a drive to change the future or a fatalist resigned to accept it.

Dnalor before his transformation to dragonborn.

In 4762 SR, Dnalor entered the Gray Wood to seek the secrets of Lhûg Golodh, only to find he had been mislead and instead found Lhum Galadh. Nevertheless, the ancient tree spirit bestowed upon Dnalor the power of rebirth and Dnalor found a form more fitting to his temperament and desire. Where a man entered the Wood, a red Dragonborn would exit.

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