Race: Half-Giant
Gender: Male
Homeland: Alduria
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Birthday: Unknown
Height: 9’3"
Weight: 364 lbs
Worships: Deities of Nature and Psionics
Class: Psychic Warrior
Specialty: Glass Cannon


Darla had always had an eye for powerful men, so it came as no surprise when she went to live among the giant folk north of the Candasian Plain. She boasted a moderate skill with mind magic, psionics some would call it, and had learned a trick to make it seem as though she were one of them. Though their ways were Alien to her, she found an able tutor in Baran-Dur, adviser to the chieftain. She became well enamored of him and took him as a lover. Despite her belief that such a thing was impossible, she conceived a child. On the eve of her child’s birth, the village was attacked by Raiders dispelling the magical wards protecting the village, and inadvertently ending Darla’s spell of enlargement. Her body, no longer large enough to contain her child, failed her. With her dying breath she summoned a reserve of strength and cut her body from groin to breast that her child might live. Baran-Dur returned home and pulled his newborn son from his wife’s corpse. He named him Dunric, the survivor.

Dunric grew and trained with his father, who taught him the arts of battle. They hunted and defended the village from all manner of beasts, Man not being the least of them. Baran-Dur taught his son the art of battle, allowing him to wield his large greatsword, seemingly too big for Dunric’s frame. But Dunric trained and in time learned to master this difficult technique despite his proportionately smaller size. Baran-Dur pressed Dunric to join the Warrior’s Caste to bring honor to their family name. Despite his desire to pursue farming and agriculture, Dunric succumbed to his father’s wishes.

Shortly after Dunric’s twentieth year, Baran-Dur called him before the chieftain. Oblivious to the nature of the summons, Dunric stood before the entire tribal council dumbfounded as they listed crimes and transgressions he had committed against his tribe. Murder, thievery, and conspiracy were the charges of which he was accused, and having no knowledge of the events he had no defense. He was bound and thrown into a pit awaiting execution at sunrise according to custom. During the night Baran-Dur came to visit him.

“Father, praise the Gods! Have you ended this madness? Surely you above all others know I am innocent of these crimes!”

“Of your innocence I have no doubt, Dunric. But events have been set in motion, and even if I wanted to I could not alter your fate. Too much is at stake.”

“What do you mean, Father? I don’t understand…”

Baran-Dur replies laughing, “No, you wouldn’t would you. Much of this began with your birth. We were attacked, you see, with powerful magic. Our Shamans were fools, relying on generations-old rituals for the protection of our tribe and our whole existence almost perished that day when a band of ogre led by a single ogre mage destroyed our defenses. But we regrouped and destroyed the ogre mage and his cohorts. Imagine my surprise though, upon returning home to find my outland mate to be a human! She had used her mind magic to conceal her true nature from me, but somehow she died during the raid leaving me with… you. I considered crushing your tiny body in my grasp, but my rage had been spent on the ogre, and I experienced a moment of compassion. I concealed your mother’s body from the others and prayed to the gods that you would take after me. As you grew, you lumped shame after shame on our family name. Your desire to grow crops from the ground was the final insult. There is no honor in wallowing in mud as the swine do. We kill and we feast. It is our way.”

He continued, “I have struck a pact with a powerful necromancer to provide our Shaman the necessary spells to ensure the protection of our people. And in return I gave him what he needed, some of our blood and a few minor valuables. I would have given him your blood, but its human taint failed me yet again. So in a sense, the murder was actually your fault.”

“Father, this is madness…”

“No, it is a plan years in the making, and with your death it will finally see fruition. You see, I have been perpetrating acts in your name with agents all over the region. Your death will unite not only this clan, but several others. I will unite our people. I will wipe clean the stain your misbegotten life has tainted me with, and lead my people to greatness!”

Baran-Dur left Dunric in the dark to await his fate.

With the coming dawn Dunric was raised from the pit, stripped naked and brought before the entire tribe. Baran-Dur stood before him claiming the right to exorcise this stain on his family name. The chief granted him this right and Baran-Dur raised his sword and gave Dunric a half-mad smile and swung. Dunric summoned all of his might and stomped the ground, causing Baran-Dur to lose his footing. Though he evaded death for the moment, he suffered a terrible cut to his face leaving a deep scar and the loss of one eye. The pain and rage caused him to tap into a reserve of power within him, causing his head to transform to resemble that of a wolf. He bit deep into Baran-Dur’s sword arm, tearing it off and leaving all witnesses in a state of shock. Dunric broke free of his bonds, and pressed the attack. His righteous anger fueling his blows, he overpowered the mauled Baran-Dur. When it seemed certain he was about to deliver the killing blow, he held off and stayed his hand.

Dunric resumed his former state, and said to his father, “I owe you this much. You spared my life, now I spare yours. Or what’s left of it. Just know forevermore that your half-breed son LET you live.” He turned to the Chieftain and said, “As is our way, what was his is now mine.” And with that said he collected those possessions of his father’s he could carry and left the village forever.

Over the next few months he traveled wherever the road would take him, experiencing all that life had to offer. Until then he had had little interaction with humankind, and was taken aback by their reception of him. He had been used to being the smallest of his kin, but at 8 feet tall he towered over even the tallest human. He encountered a merchant travelling with his family in a wagon, who, seeing his huge sword and powerful stature, offered to employ Dunric as a bodyguard. Seeing the kindness the merchant showed to his family Dunric accepted and became friends. Along their path they stopped at what appeared to be a monastery, which housed strange individuals that Dunric felt a strange kinship toward. When the merchant made preparations to leave, Dunric regretfully told him he needed to stay. At the monastery were all manner of psionic creatures who welcomed Dunric, and taught him to control his gift. The master of the house, a powerful Psion named Anahki, tried to use his gifts to heal Dunric, but the horrible scar would not go away.

“I believe as long as you carry the wounds in your mind, the scars on your body will never fully heal. I have watched you train with the others, and the way you throw yourself into battle, it is as if you don’t care whether you live or die.” Dunric had lost the ability to trust others, but master Anahki had earned his respect. "There is much good in the world, and it would do you good to experience it. You have too much power to sit idly by while evil men use others to further their own desires. You must become the man you always believed your father to be. Go and travel the world. Try to right the wrongs and see if you can learn your place.”

And so Dunric set off into the world once again desperately trying to find the meaning to his existence.

In Game History

  • Hails from a mountain village of giants, born of a psychic human disguised as a giant
  • Mother died during birth when ogres attacked with anti-magic fields, dropping her polymorph effect
  • The giant babe, Dunric, was too large for her mortal frame and ripped her apart
  • Raised by his father to be a great warrior, Dunric only wanted to farm and live in peace
  • Father eventually has Dunric put on trial for heinous crimes and reveals that he’ll gladly trade Dunric’s blood to a local necromancer in exchange for protective spells for the tribe
  • This will remove the shame of Dunric’s half blood from tribe
  • Dunric’s psychic abilities manifest and he escapes, gravely wounding his father in the act
  • Traveled land and learned to control his power, Dunric now decides to fight evil and right wrongs
  • Recruited by party to help explore Blackrock Dungeon, a nearby castle full of evil, in hope of finding the creature that petrified Content Not Found: sir-edwin
  • Saves King Content Not Found: brotar-stranheln_, last of the Nedrill council, from death at the hands of the assassin _Content Not Found: hachiro-quang


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