Dwarfle Hammerhelm

Debted Dwarf, The Dwarf That Died, That Angry Dwarf


Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Homeland: Marr Drukat, Alduria
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Birthday: Maarti 22, 4692 SR
Height: 4’3"
Weight: 179 lbs.
Worships: None (Secretly: Moradin)
Class: Fighter
Prestige Class: Tempest
Specialty: Battering Ram
Fighting Style: Dual Dwarven Waraxe


Dwarven names are granted by the clan elder. Names are used and reused down through the generations. Therefore, a dwarf’s name is not his own; it belongs to his clan. If he misuses it or brings shame to it, his clan will strip him of his name. He will be forbidden by dwarven law from ever using any dwarven name in its place.

And so it was with the case of Dwarfle, who was not always known by that name. He was once called Kilak Belten (which roughly translates as “First Son of the Powerful Axe”). Kilak was heir to the throne of Durin Hreidmar, Seventy-Third of that Name, King of the Mycen Mountains. From birth, Kilak was trained to be the successor to the throne and the Name it required. He studied diplomatic relations, strategic military warfare, dwarven history, and leadership skills, among other necessities. While Kilak was successful in all of his courses, he found the military sessions the most enthralling and, conversely, the diplomatic lectures exceedingly dull.

Just before reaching adulthood, Kilak’s life took a drastic and unfortunate turn. The ambassador from the Ungorian country of Drizzaru was on a diplomatic pilgrimage to the Mycen Mountains with his personal envoy. By sheer luck, Kilak overheard a private conversation between the ambassador and his chief guard during which they were planning the assassination of the Dwarven King. Kilak was at once infuriated with this news and, drawing his axe, charged into battle with the two men. In moments he had slain both of them, eyes full with righteous rage and satisfaction. When news of the murders reached the king, he was forced onto a most grievous path. Since it could not be proven that the two were planning any assassination and Kilak’s word was not trusted as an adolescent, the king’s only option was that of diplomatic appeasement: the complete and total banishment of the young heir.

Ostracized from his people and stripped of his name, the young dwarf then roamed the lands of Alduria. When the folks who were kind enough to converse with him asked his name he would only reply, “I am dwarf.” Misunderstanding what the young dwarf meant, the people began calling him simply Dwarfle.


Dwarfle is head-strong and confident. He is a strategic savant and excels in any combat, although he prefers dual-wielding his trusty dwarven waraxes. However, due to his past, Dwarfle is painfully lacking in any diplomatic situations and often views all newcomers with distrust until they can prove themselves; Dwarfle is not above letting this rite of passage involve the clashing of weapons. He is often heard saying, “If you can’t converse with my axe, why would you try to converse with me?”

Campaign Playthrough: The Sphere of Annihilation

A Shipwrecked Meeting

By chance, Dwarfle found himself stranded in the town of Sandpointe. The small port town, located on the western shores of Alduria a few hundred miles north of Solarion, depends entirely on the ocean; the town is surrounded by deadly swamp lands on all sides, thus preventing any overland travel. The main function of the town is to keep a lighthouse operational. This lighthouse is critical in guiding ships around a peninsula upon which Sandpointe is founded and on towards the major ports of Solarion. At the time of Dwarfle’s arrival, this lighthouse had been overrun and decommissioned by pirates seeking to beach the trade vessels upon a nearby reef so that they could reap the treasures of the cargo. Such is the reason for Dwarfle’s situation: all ships destined for Sandpoine were being intercepted and destroyed. Dwarfle had no way off the peninsula.

Fortunately, there were several other young warriors stranded in the town as well. Most notably Kirrn Valanthe and Magar Gimeft. The mayor of Sandpointe decided to call upon these men to come to the aid of Sandpointe and puzzle out why the ships had stopped arriving. The mayor requested that the men see to the Kojar family, who were assigned to guard the lighthouse, on the off chance that something had happened to them. When asked why the militia was not sent, the mayor replied that they had their hands tied up with dispatching a local lizardfolk tribe that had grown quite restless and was harassing the Sandpointe borders. The best he could offer was a guide.

Dwarfle, Magar, and Kirrn agreed to the request and set out at once, bringing along the militia scout Content Not Found: rayche-colbaster as a guide. Rather than pay for a local fisherman to sail them to the lighthouse, the group decided to save their coin and risk a little adventure by moving through the swamp, a three day venture. It proved to be a lucky decision for one Lucien von Helmutgruber, as the band found the wayward rogue in swamp, mere moments from becoming a snack for a hungry alligator! They quickly rescued the man and discovered that he had pressing issues in Solarion and thought he would brave the swamps in order to arrive at his destination. Rayche kindly held back that Lucien was headed in the wrong direction.

With another helping hand added to their numbers, the group set out once more for the lighthouse and arrived within a day. To their dismay, they found the lighthouse destroyed and all members of the Kojar family killed, including the wife and three boys. Upon exiting the lighthouse they were approached by a member of the Poison Dusk Lizardfolk who, upon learning of the Kojar fate moments before the group arrived, was interested in an alliance. The Poison Dusk tribe knew of the pirate presence and wished to remove them further from their lands. Within days an alliance was formed between the Poison Dusk tribe and Sandpointe. An assault consisting of Sandpointe militia, lizardfolk warriors, and the band of adventurers, including Dwarfle, was launched on the pirate stronghold. During the battle, Dwarfle was a key component of the eventual success, as it was his axe that cut down the pirate leader, Erqua Ashilim.

With the pirate threat removed, Dwarfle and his newfound friends returned to the town of Sandpointe with glorious news that the lighthouse had been restored. Within days, ships would begin arriving to Sandpointe once more.

The Reptilian War

As it would turn out, the Poison Dusk tribe offered their aid to Sandpointe for more reasons than one. True, they wanted the pirate threat gone. But more than that they desired a more pertinent threat removed: the Dark Talon Lizardfolk. This tribe of extremely aggressive and evil lizardfolk had begun to systematically take over the swamps around Sandpointe. Indeed, it was this same group that had been harassing Sandpointe’s borders enough to distract the militia from the pirate threat. As if the Dark Talon tribe were not enough of a threat, they had assimilated the Blackscale Lizardfolk into their numbers, the Blackscale being the other native tribe to the area. Where the Dark talon came from is yet unknown, but they possessed a strong, passionate desire to control the entire area while accepting or forcing the other tribes into joining them.

This was not something the Poison Dusk tribe could easily accept. This tribe, while not always on friendly terms with the goodly races, was predominately content to keep a relative peace between themselves and the humans of Sandpointe. They knew they were losing the battle and so enlisted the aid of Sandpointe and Dwarfle’s band of adventuring friends.

Ghost Hammerhelm

In-Game History

  • Hails from the Mycen Mountains, Alduria
  • Originally a Prince of Mycen. Real name Kilak Belten
  • Banished from Dwarven society and forbidden from using real name after killing Ambassador from Drizzaru
  • Claims ambassador meant to assassinate Dwarven King.
  • Wandered land for years until arriving in Sandpointe
  • Helped rid Sandpointe of pirate menace
  • Agreed to assist Poison Dusk tribe eliminate Dark Talon threat during the Reptilian War
  • Killed in process and arose as a ghost
  • Sought Gaed of the Swamp for assistance in gaining life.
  • Sought out friend Reigur Ovtek in Mycen Mountains for help being brought back to life
  • Eventually convinced a cleric to raise him in exchange for 15,000 Gp to be paid of via work at mage’s shop in Solarion
  • Participated in the Challenge of Champions – Page’s Gladiatorial
  • Successfully completed the Puddles Thief and Harpy Invasion quests
  • Hired to escort Satura IV, Emprix of the Starkin to the Blighted Hills
  • Received summons from High Lord Toxanimir of Greyhawk
  • Hired by High Lord Toxanimir to eliminate nearby orc army king & generals
  • Attempted to free Kcaj, Sir Gryhan, and Wasalu from captivity, succeeded in freeing Sir Gryhan only; Eustace Ovidio, Tiberius, Kcaj, and himself are left behind
  • Final attempt to rescue captured members is launched and, with the unexpected aid of ogre raiders, Danorg Eemak manages to lead his allies to safety
  • Helps convince High Lord Toxanimir to help the orc unite rather than kill them senselessly
  • Learns of Knob Knocker threat from the High Lord and agrees to aid him in his quest to remove said threat
  • Receives orders to head to Nedrill and find their missing Champion, Sir Edwin the Bravestar
  • Learns Sir Edwin is an Aasimar paladin and hero to Nedrill; evidence suggests he was petrified by some powerful creature
  • Watches in horror as Queen Diesa Stranheln is assassinated in front of his very eyes; suspects Nedrill is target for Knob Knocker advancement
  • Explores Blackrock Dungeon, a nearby castle full of evil, in hopes of finding the creature that petrified Sir Edwin
  • Successfully retrieves the blood of the medusa and revives Sir Edwin
  • Saves King Brotar Stranheln, last of the Nedrill council, from death at the hands of the assassin Hachiro Quang
  • Returns to Solarion to tend to his armorsmith store and repay his debt

Dwarfle Hammerhelm

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