Georg Eemak



Race: Half-orc
Gender: Male
Homeland: Eripere, Alduria
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Birthday: Fervali 21, 4739 SR
Height: 6’2"
Weight: 237 lbs
Worships: None
Class: Barbarian
Specialty: Battering Ram
Fighting Style: Raging Waraxe


The twins Danorg & Georg Eemak were abandoned outside the Dragon’s Hoard casino in the Aldurian city of Uscan. They were found emaciated and near death by Ferrious Eemak, the leader of a small village several miles from Uscan. The village of Eripere was founded to directly contrast the debauchery of Uscan. The first law of Eripere is that a family stays together at all costs. Breaking the rule brings death for the offender and their entire family. No dissent, no divorce, no leaving your parents’ home out of anger; families in Eripere stay together at all costs.

The Eemaks chose to adopt the half-orc twins and raise them as one of their own. This would prove once and for all that a strong family can unite even the most hopeless of creatures. They tried their best to teach morality, self-control, manners, and loyalty to the brothers. Basic martial skills were also taught for defensive purposes. It seemed that the Eemaks were successfully domesticating the orc blood that flowed through the twins.

And so things went well for the young brothers, for a time. Soon, young Georg began to realize that he was not a fit for the town of Eripere or even for the Eemaks. He grew restless at times and could think of nothing but wandering the land, free to do as he pleased. Often, he felt urges to fight and challenge others for little to no reason. This aggressiveness was soon too acute for him to manage; he erupted in a fit of anger at his “parents” and struck his “father” across the face. The act at once cooled his anger and horror filled his mind once he realized what he had done. Knowing that a line had been crossed from which there would be no coming back, Georg resolved to flee the town and the family. He left that night with not a word to anyone, even his brother.

Georg’s wanderings found him in the town of Sandpointe where he soon learned the town was under attack from invading Blackscale and Dark Talon Lizardfolk. Eager to fight and hoping to drown his sorrow, Georg enlisted his services to the small seaside village. Perhaps it was this same eagerness and neglect of duty that led to his downfall, as in his very first encounter Georg was cut down by a Blackscale warrior.

In Game History

  • Half-orc barbarian 1
  • Has been shunned everywhere he goes
  • Hails from the town of Eripere, located near Uscan, Alduria
  • Twin brother to Danorg Eemak
  • Has no real ties to anything and cares little for the thoughts/feelings of others
  • Fought as Poison Dusk ally in the Reptilian War of Sandpointe. Gained Gaed as ally as well
  • Killed while assaulting the Dark Talon lair during the Reptilian War

Georg Eemak

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