Subject Zero


Race: Human
Gender: Female
Homeland: Sadarax
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Birthday: Nuvemben 12, 4737 SR
Height: 5’6"
Weight: 108 lbs
Worships: Obad-Hai
Class: Sorcerer
Prestige Class: Elemental Savant & Master Specialist
Specialty: Artillery
Fighting Style: Fire & Flame


The world of Tellus consists of only three continents and a small island chain. That which concerns us is the region of Sadarax. This part of the world, for unknown reasons, has remained completely untouched by magic; its inhabitants never develop the ability to practice the Art. In order to compete with the other regions of the world, Sadarax is forced to become highly skilled in martial combat and technological advancement. Sadly, their best efforts just barely measure up to the most powerful mages. With this in mind the scientists of Sadarax have begun experimenting on captured individuals, often when they are but children. Kcaj was one such child.

When her powers manifested at birth, rather than in early adolescence as is the norm, Kcaj was immediately targeted for research. Taken from her parents by a covert infiltration unit, Kcaj was sent to a secret research facility for experimentation and was enrolled in Project Firewalker. The goal of the project was to create a way to engineer individuals who could harness the Art while simultaneously empowering their effects. Their methods included genetic manipulation, cybernetic implants, and psychological control. Subject Zero, as they called her, was the most promising of all the patients; her powers were unparalleled. The scientists soon found that her powers were directly tied to her anger, and so they found ways to increase this effect.

Kcaj was subjected to numerous tests, most of which were excruciatingly painful. She was drugged, beaten, tormented, psychologically molested, and deprived of all human interaction. She was kept isolated from the other children, but in such a way that she could see them while they could not see her. Their only interaction occurred during periodic sparring matches when her progress could be measured in combat. She was later permitted to have a few friends, but was then forced to watch as they were all tortured and murdered. As Kcaj’s anger grew, so did her power. No one could have predicted how powerful Kcaj would become. No one could have prepared for her wrath. No one includes the scientists who kept her.


Kcaj is, on the outside, tough as a coffin nail. She is ruthless in combat, often uncontrolled and uncaring about how she places her spells. Not even a barbarian’s rage comes close to the wrath Kcaj experiences in combat. She mercilessly slaughters any who cross her and cares not for any bystanders caught in the crossfire. Her survival is all that matters. And she excels at surviving.

On the inside, however, Kcaj is as vulnerable as a newborn babe. Her years of captivity have left her unprepared for the world; unprepared for any emotion other than hate; unprepared for love. Kcaj is, if only subconsciously, aware of her tremendous weakness and so protects herself with her ruthless exterior. She often attempts to engage any who travel with her in casual sex. If they agree, they will have one of the most exhilarating experiences of their lives. Kcaj, however, will then perceive them as someone that will eventually use and/or harm her; they will forever lose her trust and respect. Only one man has pierced her outer shell and touched the delicate creature beneath, but he was lost long ago. Now Kcaj wanders the lands alone, her only goal to find and kill those that made her.


  • “The way I see it, every person I kill just increases my chances of survival.”
  • “Everyone wants something. And because of that, everything is fair game.”
  • “Mess with someone’s head enough and you can turn a scared kid into an all-powerful bitch.”
  • “Hello, dead people!”

In-Game History

  • Human scorcerer 8
  • Unknown origins
  • Kidnapped as a child for showing promising magical abilities early on. Tortured and studied by group without magic so they could learn to harness its power
  • Forced to learn to fuel magic with her anger
  • NOT socially acclimated
  • Destroyed facility in violent burst of extreme rage
  • Seeks to kill those responsible for ruining her life
  • Currently works for Dragon’s Hoard and is ordered to work with group
  • Aided the Lucky Stag, Burly Q, and Dragon’s Hoard casinos in destroying the Evens and Odds casino
  • Traveled to Solarion to find Kirrn, met Dwarfle and decided to aid the Debted Dwarf
  • Participated in the Challenge of Champions – Page’s Mage Duel
  • Successfully completed the Puddles Thief and Harpy Invasion quests
  • Hired to escort Satura IV, Emprix of the Starkin to the Blighted Hills
  • Received summons from High Lord Toxanimir of Greyhawk
  • Hired by High Lord Toxanimir to eliminate nearby orc army king & generals
  • Captured by orc while attempting to assassinate orc generals for High Lord Toxanimir
  • Recaptured during attempted rescue mission
  • Final attempt to rescue captured members is launched and, with the unexpected aid of ogre raiders, Danorg Eemak manages to lead his allies to safety
  • Helps convince High Lord Toxanimir to help the orc unite rather than kill them senselessly
  • Learns of Knob Knocker threat from the High Lord and agrees to aid him in his quest to remove said threat
  • Receives orders to head to Nedrill and find their missing Champion, Sir Edwin the Bravestar
  • Learns Sir Edwin is an Aasimar paladin and hero to Nedrill; evidence suggests he was petrified by some powerful creature
  • Watches in horror as Queen Diesa Stranheln is assassinated in front of his very eyes; suspects Nedrill is target for Knob Knocker advancement
  • Explores Blackrock Dungeon, a nearby castle full of evil, in hopes of finding the creature that petrified Sir Edwin
  • Encounter Myconid civilazation in Blackrock and has mind altered to respect nature and worship Pbad-Hai
  • Captured by a succubus after it had mated with Dunric and impregnated with his seed, which was corrupted by the demon


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