Kulthar Stormrage

Spiritual Tribal Leader

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Race: Goliath [Former Half-orc]
Gender: Male
Homeland: Forested Mountain Range in Alduria
Alignment: Neutral
Birthday: Agruil 23rd, 4739 SR
Height: 6’5’’
Weight: 240 lbs
Worships: Nature
Class: Barbarian/Druid
Specialty: Defender
Fighting Style: Magically Enhanced Club
Faction: Emerald Enclave Springwarden


Kulthar Stormrage calls a forested mountain range deep in the Wilderness of Alduria home. Born and raised in among barbaric tribe of half orcs, much more in touch with the orc side, Kulthar grew up learning brute force combat and how to survive in the wild. But Kulthar was different than the others his age. While sparring, the other fighters would launch into uncontrolled rage, while Kulthar was able use the uncontrolled rage against them. He was considered wise beyond his years among the rest of his tribe, and has always felt a strong connection with nature around him. The elders of the tribe claimed him to be their next spiritual leader, a tribal shaman of sorts and believed he must commune with nature to take his rightful place in the tribe. Kulthar ventured out into the wilderness and began his quest to become the leader his tribe needed. As he encountered more civilized areas, he began to note how his own home could be improved. After travelling for a few years, Kulthar has been able to shake off much of his barbaric upbringing and continues to learn about the outside world, but his rage still burns deep, and can be exposed under the correct circumstances.

Kulthar before his transformation into a Goliath.

In 4762 SR, Kulthar entered the Gray Wood to seek the secrets of Lhûg Golodh, only to find he had been mislead and instead found Lhum Galadh. Nevertheless, the ancient tree spirit bestowed upon Kulthar the power of rebirth and he found a form more fitting to his temperament and desire. Where a half-orc entered the Wood, a Goliath would exit.

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Kulthar Stormrage

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