Lucien von Helmutgruber

Fictional Persona, Deceased


Race: Human
Gender: Male
Homeland: Klaadün
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Birthday: Jaenvari 21, 4738 SR
Height: 6’0"
Weight: 170 lbs
Worships: None
Class: Rogue/Beguiler
Prestige Class: None
Specialty: Distraction
Status: Deceased


One of the may personalities of Xabian Etru Cth, changeling master of disguise. He is likeable enough, but talks almost exclusively about himself and cares little about what others have to say. He does not gauge others’ reactions to his words, so has difficulty perpetuating fabrications. His forgeries, however, are flawless.

Lucien is a steward to a minor noble in a minor city outlying Solarion. His duties here were to spy on the noble and relay the details back to his home people. After a year of making weekly reports (on the movement of chickens, the number of stockings hanging on the wash line in the peasants’ quarter, and the like) and hearing no response from his family, he begins to wonder whether they have forgotten him. He was recently tasked by his lord to travel to Solarion to procure a residence, as a bountiful harvest has swelled the coffers and the young lord wishes to make his name known. During his voyage, Lucien’s ship was wrecked off the coast and he found himself stranded near the town of Sandpointe. From there, his adventure began.

In-Game History

  • “Human” rogue 6
  • Real name Xabian Etru Cth
  • Changeling in disguise – reasons unknown
  • Found dying from wounds in the swamp after his ship was sunk by the pirates of Sandpointe
  • Helped rid Sandpointe of pirate menace
  • Agreed to assist Poison Dusk tribe eliminate Dark Talon threat during the Reptilian War
  • Gained Gaed as ally as well
  • After Reptilian War decided to leave group and travel to Solarion
  • Joined the secret thieves guild of Metegé, the gnome stylemancer
  • Hired to escort Satura IV, Emprix of the Starkin to the Blighted Hills
  • Received summons from High Lord Toxanimir of Greyhawk
  • Hired by High Lord Toxanimir to eliminate nearby orc army king & generals
  • Final attempt to rescue captured members is launched and, with the unexpected aid of ogre raiders, Danorg Eemak manages to lead his allies to safety
  • Helps convince High Lord Toxanimir to help the orc unite rather than kill them senselessly
  • Learns of Knob Knocker threat from the High Lord and agrees to aid him in his quest to remove said threat
  • Receives orders to head to Nedrill and find their missing Champion, Sir Edwin the Bravestar
  • Learns Sir Edwin is an Aasimar paladin and hero to Nedrill; evidence suggests he was petrified by some powerful creature
  • Watches in horror as Queen Diesa Stranheln is assassinated in front of his very eyes; suspects Nedrill is target for Knob Knocker advancement
  • Explores Blackrock Dungeon, a nearby castle full of evil, in hopes of finding the creature that petrified Sir Edwin
  • Killed in Blackrock Dungeon when Tiberius’ spell mishap causes adamantine shards to rain down from the sky

Lucien von Helmutgruber

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