Savannah Barrington


Race: Half-orc (originally Human)
Gender: Female
Homeland: Tohrendale, Drizzaru
Alignment: Neutral Good
Birthday: SR
Height: 6’ (originally 5’6")
Weight: 219 lbs (originally 124 lbs)
Worships: None
Class: Scout/Ranger
Prestige Class: Dervish
Specialty: Tactical Ranged
Status: Inactive – Resting in Nedrill


Savannah Barrington grew up in as the favorite niece of the magistrate, Corby Barrington, in the seaside town of Tohrendale, located on the northern edge of Ungoria. Corby Barrington has made a small fortune by building a major cargo shipping company based in Tohrendale. The company focuses primarily on trade with the port city of Solarion, located on Alduria’s southern shores. Savannah grew up in a large family and is the middle child of five. She has two older brothers, one who captains multiple cargo ships in their Uncle’s business and another who is a worker at the docks, fighting his way up the chain. She has a younger sister who has taken interest in working at the local temple of Ioun, the god of Knowledge. Savannah’s younger brother just joined the crew of a cargo vessel and is learning the trade of his family.

Savannah has seven cousins, four of which are the children of her Uncle Corby and heirs apparent to the family fortune. Of those four, the eldest boy is in his mid-thirties and is the harbormaster of the entire Tohrendale port. The next oldest, a female, coordinates social events in the city and makes sure the Barringtons are always giving back to their biggest supporters. The next in line, Marco Barrington, is a senior member of the city watch and is responsible for training the city’s guards. Lastly, the youngest son is constantly shadowing Corby, learning the ins and outs of the shipping business to continue when Corby finally steps down.

Savannah could have taken an easy job somewhere in the financial field, being trained and taught to work in the family business from a young age, but she has chosen not to pursue that path. She found this work monotonous and boring, and instead chose to train with her cousin Marco. When she was sixteen, Corby had begun to send caravans across Ungoria, bringing the ability to buy and sell goods to some of the more secluded areas of the continent. Unfortunately, these were often raided by nomads and the need for protection became a concern. By the time she was nineteen Savannah was an expert scout and was in charge of her own protection team for the caravans.

She always looked up to everything her Uncle Corby had done, and hoped she could one day help expand upon the family business. Because she lacked the pure business know-how to help, Savannah decided to venture out and benefit the Barrington name in a different way. Her uncle always had taught her that the best way to do business was with a clean reputation and a trusting relationship with your client. When she was three and twenty years, Savannah sailed to Alduria, and began her journey with two goals in mind. The first: to earn favor with some of the powerful groups in various coastal areas. The second: acquire enough gold to build her own harbor in one of these areas that her family could open another base of operations. The taxes and tariffs imposed by Solarion could easily be avoided if another port city were available.

She began her quest by taking jobs offering protection for travelling merchant caravans, something she had gotten quite good at. She always charged a fair price and always made sure to leave a positive impression on her clients. Whenever possible, she wrote back to her family, and referred possible new clients to them. She established a reputation among the merchant community as a good worker, and at a mere five and twenty years was offered a very lucrative job that would take her to new places. She was hired to escort a merchant caravan from the Free City of Greyhawk, all the way across Klaadün to the war torn lands of Nazca and Shanxi. The journey was long and arduous, but they eventually reached their destination. Savannah was now quite wealthy, and in a region of constant warfare, she had no problem finding new, profitable jobs.

Eventually, she found herself in a town on the east coast of Nazca. The town was remote, and its only resource was that it sat along the only area of the coast for hundreds of miles that ships could land safely without fear of being destroyed upon dangerous rock formations. The Nazcaan navy used the area as a place for the fleet to stop and resupply before heading further North or South. Shortly after she arrived, an army of Shanxii barbarians began to lay siege on the town. Savannah attempted to leave with another merchant, but with the land routes blocked by the army and the Nazcaan Navy denying all civilian transport in favor of military travel they found their escape all but blocked. It was then that Savannah did the only thing she could and took it upon herself to join the small city militia and help defend the town until Nazcaan reinforcements could arrive. Two long and bloody months later, a fleet of Nazcaan warships arrived and broke the siege. Savannah had no desire to continue to work in this area, and was able to sail back to Alduria. She landed in Port Minah and continued to take protection jobs, as well as any other odd jobs she heard about. Recently, she heard of a missing Paladin in the town of Nedrill, and headed out that way…

Adventuring Career

Savannah was reincarnated as a half-orc after falling in Blackrock Dungeon.

Savannah found herself in the town of Nedrill in an attempt to join the group searching for the missing paladin, Sir Edwin the Bravestar. In this she was successful. She soon discovered that the group was in the midst of the fabled Blackrock Dungeon and set out to join them. Again she was successful. Unfortunately, during the course of clearing out that most vile of places she fell and passed into the next World. Fortunately, her companions were able to convince Nedrill’s wizard, Szarth, to cast a Reincarnation spell. Soon Savannah was breathing free air once more, only in the body of a half-orc. Fearing that this transformation would reflect poorly on her family Name, she now goes by Savannah Barringtorc, a predicament she hopes is temporary; she remains haunted by Szarth’s parting words:

You are alive, yes. But you must beware. This new body will soon erode your mind, and in time you will find that you have forgotten all of your experiences as human, as if it were a passing dream. You will fully believe that you are, and always have been, a half-orc.

In-Game History

  • Sought group specifically because she heard they were searching for the missing Sir Edwin the Bravestar
  • Joined group in the pits of Blackrock Dungeon after Kcaj rescued her from the titanic dire ape illusion, Gnok
  • Slain by scrags in the cavern of Blackrock Dungeon
  • Brought back to life by the mage Szarth, but is reincarnated as a half-orc
  • Saves King Brotar Stranheln, last of the Nedrill council, from death at the hands of the assassin Hachiro Quang

Savannah Barrington

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