Shadren Sevastyan


Race: Human
Gender: Male
Homeland: Shakar, Nazca
Alignment: Lawful Good
Birthday: Dizemben 13, 4728 SR
Height: 6’3"
Weight: 210 lbs
Worships: Heironeous
Class: Cleric
Prestige Class: Ordained Champion
Specialty: Melee Battle Caster
Status: Inactive – Fulfilling Contract to Content Not Found: high-lord-toxanimir


He is rumoured to be descended from Loran Sharkhin, a famous adventurer from Nazca whose tales begin over a century ago. His father, John VeLuc, was a vagrant who made a name for himself hunting down thieves. John later saved Shadren’s mother, Reene, from a band of thieves. In response, he started the Band of the Black Hand to discourage thieving. Whenever they caught a thief, they would brand the back of their hands with a hand-shaped marker. They would rub ash into the wound to seal in the ashen color. They would take their money and give it to the needy. This is the life Shadren was born to on the edges of Shakar. His father was a cleric who was taught in a temple of Heironeous. Through fervent devoted prayer, he gained knowledge and furthered his devotion to Heironeous.

The Band of the Black Hand is a group of wayfarers, roaming the land of Nazca with no real home to speak of; the whole family travels like a roaming circus. They would nab the thieves and mark them as such, leaving the places they traveled a more pleasant place. Cities and villages, what few there were on the edges of Nazca, enjoyed having the roaming band on their border.

When Shadren was 9 years old, his father took a mortal wound while the Band was placating a roving band of thieves. While his father had begun teaching him the teachings of Heironeous, he had only scratched the surface that Shadren would need to be a true cleric. As Shadren grew, he used the meager teachings from his father and what few books he had to learn his own way to praise Heironeous. Being taught thusly is what led him to utilize his powers as a spontaneous cleric. Shadren grew to believe that Heironeous had the power to grant through prayer alone. Through his father’s teachings, and his own well-founded beliefs, he tied his beliefs on the thought that the gods smite those who have no faith and dwell in wicked deeds.

One of his father’s lieutenants, Turvell, took over when his father passed away. For the following decade, Turvell lead the band in a path perpendicular to that of VeLuc’s teachings: to keep the money taken from bandits to make the men of the Band richer. The Band began keeping the money from the thieves, killing the thieves instead of branding them to try to change their ways, and assuming missions where the “thief” status of a target was questionable at best.

Shadren began to argue with Turvell about the path that the Band was taking and how it was falling out from the ways set forth by his father, John VeLuc. Eventually the disagreement led to the Band splitting in two – the Band of the Black Hand and the Band of the Red Hand. Turvell continued to lead the Band of the Black Hand, while Shadren led the newly created Band of the Red Hand, trying to distance himself from the bad taste Turvell’s band had created.

The ensuing decade saw many skirmishes between the two bands. During one of the skirmishes, the Band of the Red Hand had a disease strike their camp. Shadren’s mother was one of those afflicted. The Red Hand had given so much of their money away that they didn’t have enough to pay clerics to come heal the sick. Shadren’s mother’s disease was too complicated for Shadren to heal. When he heard this, Turvell came in and paid for Reene to be healed. It was then that Shadren realized he had allowed his wrath to consume him and he, too, had ignored the path that John had set for the original Band. He finally realized that while he disagreed with the Black Hand, they were not perpetrating evil. He explained to his mother that Heironeous needed him to set out to fight evil. He vowed to spend his life working to combat evil and lead forward the word of Heironeous.

He now wears an enameled pin on his shoulder showing three golden crowns in a field of blue, representing him with his mother and father in the Seven Mounting Heavens of Celestia. Shadren sets out on his journey.

In-Game History

Shadren Sevastyan

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