Tiberius Odryna



Race: Human
Gender: Male
Homeland: Alduria
Alignment: Lawful Good
Birthday: Maarti 10, 4739 SR
Height: 5’9"
Weight: 160 lbs
Worships: Pelor
Class: Wizard
Prestige Class: None
Specialty: Conjuration
Status: Deceased


Tiberius has a strong sense of what is right and wrong and will stand up for someone who is being treated poorly. On the other hand, because of his experiences at the school and the fact that his parents’ killers were never brought to justice, he would rather take those matters into his own hands than let a bureaucratic regime handle punishment. Above all, Tiberius values knowledge and learning, and is always trying to learn more. Deep down, there is a desire to someday become a famous wizard known around the world and show all of the students he grew up with that they are not better than him just because they are wealthy.

Tiberius grew up in a Norwake, a small town located in the countryside outside of Port Minah. A prestigious school for mages, the Eurarctum University of Magical Philosophy, was built there over two hundred years ago, and is the main economic force of the town. Wealthy families from the entire region would send their gifted children there to get the best education in the magic arts, whether they were born naturally with the gift or had an interest in training to become a wizard. Everything in the town is dependent on this school, as local businesses market their product to students and instructors, and over half of the town’s residents are employed there in one way or another.

Tiberius’s parents both worked at the school; his father was a groundskeeper and his mother was a cleaning woman. They were not a wealthy family by any means, and definitely could not afford to send Tiberius to the school. Instead, he helped both his parents on a daily basis, but using his free run of the school he would study old books and materials in an attempt to learn magic. He was often made fun of and picked on by the students, because he did not have fancy clothes or possessions like theirs, but overall he enjoyed his childhood because he liked to learn.

When Tiberius was four and ten, a group of thieves broke into the small apartment his family rented, and attempted to rob them. When his father tried to stop them, things turned ugly and they killed his mother and father in front of him, and took off with whatever valuables they could find. Unable to pay the rent on the apartment, Tiberius was forced onto the streets and tried to live in the school without anyone knowing. Eventually the students there reported it to the school and Tiberius was forced to leave and live on the streets.

He scraped by for a few weeks, but then a travelling circus came to town to perform for the school. There were other boys and girls his age that worked in the circus, and Tiberius requested a position with the owner of the travelling show. He was hired on as an assistant to the illusionist Torvald Yarvis who was very old and needed help with his daily activities. Tiberius learned all he could from Torvald over the next year, and once Torvald retired, he received his own sideshow in the circus. Since then, Tiberius has traveled across all of Alduria as a performer. While he considers the other performers in the show his friends, he hasn’t connected with anyone as much as he did with Torvald. Recently, he has become good friends with one of the acrobatists, Wasalu Jaco, and considers him like a brother.

Adventuring Career

  • Life was saved by Kirrn Valanthe, Zanthier, and Danorg Eemak in Uscan. Now travels with them in order to repay the favor
  • Helped solve the Tunnel of Gold and Missing Girls mysteries
  • Aided the Lucky Stag, Burly Q, and Dragon’s Hoard casinos in destroying the Evens and Odds casino
  • Traveled to Solarion to find Kirrn, met Dwarfle Hammerhelm and decided to aid the Debted Dwarf
  • Participated in the Challenge of Champions – Page’s Mage Duel, Page’s Archery
  • Successfully completed the Puddles Thief and Harpy Invasion quests
  • Hired by dwarven merchant to investigate Durzh’s Keep and find a cure for a cursed dwarven city
  • Meets Lady Lasciel Tuleen while searching for Durzh and begins a romantic relationship with her
  • Hired to escort Satura IV, Emprix of the Starkin to the Blighted Hills
  • Received summons from High Lord Toxanimir of Greyhawk
  • Hired by High Lord Toxanimir to eliminate nearby orc army king & generals
  • Drowns in an underground river while attempting to rescue hostages from Danorg the Orc King
  • Awakens on a river bank some days later, with no idea how or why he was brought back to life
  • Found by patrol of Green Guardsmen and meets back up with group in Greyhawk
  • Learns of Knob Knocker threat from the High Lord and agrees to aid him in his quest to remove said threat
  • Receives orders to head to Nedrill and find their missing Champion, Sir Edwin the Bravestar
  • Learns Sir Edwin is an Aasimar paladin and hero to Nedrill; evidence suggests he was petrified by some powerful creature
  • Watches in horror as Queen Diesa Stranheln is assassinated in front of his very eyes; suspects Nedrill is target for Knob Knocker advancement
  • Explores Blackrock Dungeon, a nearby castle full of evil, in hopes of finding the creature that petrified Sir Edwin
  • Ripped apart by his own magical energy in Blackrock Dungeon

Tiberius Odryna

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