Wasalu Jaco

Human monk


Race: Human
Gender: Male
Homeland: Alduria
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Birthday: Fervali 12, 4737 SR
Height: 5’9"
Weight: 176 lbs.
Worships: None
Class: Monk
Prestige Class: None
Specialty: Get Big and Smash
Status: Inactive – Resting in Nedrill


Wasalu grew up on the outskirts of Solarion. His mother, Travilda, was a strict, but gentle woman. She was raised in Floodplains, a small farming community outside of Solarion.

Wasalu’s father, Emanid, was an officer in the army of Solarion. He had served in the last Great War against the Orcs from Klaadün. He was captured in an attack on their capital city, Matgar. He was tortured for weeks before his battalion was able to find and free him. After being released from the army Emanid used his navigation skills and combat experience to became a woods guide. He would disappear for weeks at a time to lead travelers to remote lands often through difficult and dangerous terrain. Emanid was a kind father when Wasalu was young. He taught Wasalu the language of the orcs as well as basic survival strategies.

Post-traumatic stress disorder led to his increasing consumption of alcohol; alcohol dependence became a problem when Wasalu was naught and ten. He squandered the family’s money and became violent when he didn’t have a drink. Wasalu was forced to work to support the family. One of Emanid’s army friends, Captcho, hired Wasalu as a carpenter’s assistant. The money he received had to be hidden from his father. During a violent outbreak Emanid hit Travilda causing a blow out fracture. Travilda sent Wasalu away to a monastery to protect him from Emanid.

The monastery was devoted to Obad-Hai. Although Wasalu grew up in Solarion, his father’s knowledge of the woodlands and tracking helped Wasalu quickly advance in his training. Here he learned to fight with only his hands, protected by only his mind. During his time at the monastery his mother and father were killed by a plague that ravaged Solarion.

Eager to utilize his knowledge, Wasalu set off at the age of one and twenty. He saw many of the nearby towns and villages, but struggled to make a living selling small bits of woodwork and performing at taverns. After two rough years on his own, Wasalu met up with the traveling circus. Here he was able to put his skills to good use performing as an acrobat and pugilist over the past two years. In addition to making a reasonable living, Wasalu was able to tour the surrounding lands and meet a variety of people. He continued to carve small wooden tokens, which he gifted to only his closest friends.

Always interested in knowing about the world around him, Wasalu began to collect maps of the surrounding cities and countryside. During trips to the city Wasalu would frequently visit the bookstore to read about local history and culture. His interest in culture as well as his past as a tavern act led Wasalu to frequent the pubs. He recognized a dangerous tendency to overindulge, which he had to consciously control.

In-Game History

  • Joined group on a pay-for-service deal while in Uscan
  • Helped solve the Tunnel of Gold and Missing Girls mysteries
  • Aided the Lucky Stag, Burly Q, and Dragon’s Hoard casinos in destroying the [[Evens & Odds]] casino
  • Traveled to Solarion to find Kirrn, met Dwarfle and decided to aid the Debted Dwarf
  • Set off on personal quest without telling group – went “missing” for several days
  • Hired by dwarven merchant to investigate Durzh’s Keep and find cure for cursed dwarven city
  • Set out to track Lady Lasciel Tuleen after she stole the research for the dwarven cure
  • Received summons from High Lord Toxanimir of Greyhawk
  • Hired by High Lord Toxanimir to eliminate nearby orc army king & generals
  • Killed while attempting to assassinate orc generals for High Lord Toxanimir
  • Raised from dead by orc Shaman, Krorsh, at command of Orc King Danorg Eemak
  • Captured by orc while attempting to escape from orc captivity
  • Final attempt to rescue captured members is launched and, with the unexpected aid of ogre raiders, Danorg manages to lead his allies to safety
  • Helps convince High Lord Toxanimir to help the orc unite rather than kill them senselessly
  • Learns of Knob Knockers threat from the High Lord and agrees to aid him in his quest to remove said threat
  • Receives orders to head to Nedrill and find their missing Champion, Sir Edwin the Bravestar
  • Learns Sir Edwin is an Aasimar paladin and hero to Nedrill; evidence suggests he was petrified by some powerful creature
  • Watches in horror as Queen Queen Diesa Stranheln is assassinated in front of his very eyes; suspects Nedrill is target for Knob Knocker advancement
  • Explores Blackrock Dungeon, a nearby castle full of evil, in hopes of finding the creature that petrified Sir Edwin
  • Fell prone to a powerful illusion and believed himself dead, thereby making it so
  • Brought back to life by the mage Szarth, but is reincarnated as a halfling
  • Saves King King Brotar Stranheln, last of the Nedrill council, from death at the hands of the assassin Hachiro Quang

Wasalu Jaco

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