Xabian Etru Cth

Master of Disguise & Forgery, Deceased


Race: Changeling
Gender: Male
Homeland: Klaadün
Alignment: Neutral
Birthday: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Worships: Unknown
Class: Rogue/Beguiler
Prestige Class: None
Specialty: Master of Disguise & Forgery
Status: Deceased


Xabian Etru Cth (TSabbian eetrue C’th) was lastborn of a lastborn in a prominent “family” of shapeshifers. The elders of his kin held him in low regard from the day of his birth due at first to his station, then later to his complete lack of common sense. It was undeniable that the boy could find a means to solve virtually any problem, though often his solution was so impractical his tutors considered it a failure. He was forgetful; often more concerned with whatever thought was passing through his head than the matter at hand. This behavior caused the untimely demise of his night-sister.

In this particular training mission he was to climb the outer wall of an abandoned outpost, navigate his way to the inner sanctum, avoid the traps and pick the lock on her manacles. His reflexes and skills were noteworthy, however, he became distracted by the mechanisms powering the traps, and perhaps was trying to improve their function when an explosion occurred starting a fire in the outpost. His night-sister, still manacled, burned to death. The elders sought to remove this trait from him and used extreme means. He was subjected to everything from isolation to torture by a gnomish shocking device.

Little progress was made. He would have been exorcized from the family but for one chance event. During his time in isolation he had struck up a friendship with one of his guards who would, on occasion, provide Xabian with books from the family library. So great was Xabian’s love of books that it was not long before he had exhausted the entire library. Included in these tomes was a book of cantrips which interested him greatly, though he has yet to actualize any of its spells. There is speculation that the fire which killed his night-sister was magical in origin and that Xabian has latent magical abilities. He remained in captivity for over a year before being called before the council of elders to determine his fate. The debate was short and they had all but decided to kill him, due in no small part to his entirely unrepentant attitude, when he commented on the irony of the blade intended to kill him being named “Bringer of Justice.” This caused quite a stir among the elders as until that moment no one had deciphered the elven runes inscribed on the blade. They decided to spare his life and use him to gather information.

They consigned him to the Sourcer Caste (the source of all knowledge) and trained him in the art of espionage. His trainers noted that he has difficulty in dealing with others. They remarked that he is likeable enough, but talks almost exclusively about himself and cares little about what others have to say. He does not gauge others’ reactions to his words, so has difficulty perpetuating fabrications. His forgeries, however, are flawless. When his skill had progressed sufficiently his caste-master created the Lucien persona and placed him in the estate of a minor noble as a steward in an outlying province to hone his skills. He was not entrusted with the identities of any other agents, but has been given the locations of several drop points for his missives around the region. His reports are unerringly accurate, though often completely irrelevant.

After a year of making weekly reports (on the movement of chickens, the number of stockings hanging on the wash line in the peasants’ quarter, and the like) and hearing no response from his family, he begins to wonder whether they have forgotten him. He was recently tasked by his lord to travel to Solarion to procure a residence, as a bountiful harvest has swelled the coffers and the young lord wishes to make his name known. During his voyage, Lucien’s ship was wrecked off the coast and he finds himself stranded near the town of Sandpointe.

In-Game History

  • Changeling rogue 6
  • Hails from Alduria
  • Regularly adopts a new identity
  • Current identity is that of Lucian von Helmutgruber, a noble who enjoys only the finest things in life

Xabian Etru Cth

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