Member of Toxanimir's Dozen


Race: Human
Gender: Male
Homeland: Alduria
Alignment: Lawful Good
Birthday: Maee 7, 4744 SR
Height: 5’6"
Weight: 173 lbs
Worships: Altua
Class: Dragon Disciple
Specialty: Light Infantry


Zanthier grew up in a large town with little money. He went to school with the mayor’s son, Goland, and was constantly bullied by him because of his social rank. Goland was never punished because of his father’s position. One day Goland and his friends chased Zanthier into the nearby hills throwing rocks at him. One of the rocks hit Zanthier on the head and made him fall to the ground. When Goland and his group approached him they heard a loud noise from nearby. They looked around and saw nothing so they started towards Zanthier again. They started to beat Zanthier and then they heard the noise again and a large bronze dragon came out from behind the trees. Goland and his group ran away but Zanthier still couldn’t get up because of his wounds. Zanthier thought that the dragon would kill him but instead it did something strange. It picked him up and flew him to his house and put him down, gave him food and left. Zanthier has never forgotten the generosity and kindness of the dragon and has been following the its example helping those in need and punishing those who deserve it since.

In-Game History


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