Chronicles of Tellus

The Finlay Tymes
Session Two

Moonday, 16th of Agruil, 4762 SR

Dear Diary,

Well, we managed to go through the formalities of introducing ourselves. Honestly, I can only remember the elf’s name.Adorshea. The other two,the big one and the ugly one? I forgot their names the second I heard them. Can’t tell you why, I’ve just always been rather forgetful with names. I suppose I should introduce my traveling companions.

Adorshea. I cannot decide whether she’ll be more of an asset or a liability. The elf possesses many skills that the rest of us do not. However, she does not appear to have those skills honed well. She actually failed to climb a tree. She never even managed to get her second foot off of the ground. I’ve never seen someone fail so magnificently. She speaks elvish, which has already been of great use. I do believe I forgot to mention that the four of us started to hear whispers, not unlike how the raving man spoke into my thoughts. We’ve been hearing Lhûg Golodh repeatedly. Adoreshea insists that this means Serpent Sage. Despite the benefits of her elvish tongue, her mouth has gotten us into trouble once already. I’ve always been of the opinion that one should choose their words carefully. Speaking only when necessary. When a raving lunatic whispers a phrase into our thoughts, I am of a mind to keep that phrase to myself until I can understand the gravity of the words.

The ugly one. He’s oddly diplomatic. I don’t fully understand it, but at the same time, I’ve never understood diplomacy well. I do most of my negotiating with my blade. I’ve noted he has strange taste in women. When Eastbrook was attacked her kept shouting “my wench!” It wasn’t until he later explained, he had found himself enamored with the homely toothless bar maid at the inn. Maybe men outside of Nazca have a different opinion of beauty. I’m afraid I can’t say much more about him.

The big one. A half-orc. Smug. A smartass. But, he’s a good fighter. And he seems to be relatively intelligent… for an orc. I believe he has a thing for Adorshea. I’m not quite sure how the physics of that relationship would work out…

So, today was very nearly as outlandish as yesterday. We awoke at camp this morning, pleased to have survived the night, as in our exhaustion we had failed to set up a watch order. Herein laid the tree climbing incident. Adorshea attempted to scale a tree and scout for civilization. She eventually made it up after a second attempt and noted a town to the east. About a half a days’ travel later, we found ourselves in Westchester. Quaint enough. Everyone was immensely hospitable and friendly. Almost too friendly, I immediately felt suspicious, but compared to the barbarians that were trying to kill me yesterday, I’ll take overly friendly townsfolk any day. We looked around, gathered some supplies, and found the local Sheriff. We informed him of Eastbrook’s invasion. He appreciated the warning and directed us to an inn where we could spend the night. While we were speaking with the sheriff, that same whisper spoke to us, “Lhug Golodh.” Adorshea blurted out, “Serpent Sage” and we shuffled her out of his office and quickly made our way to the inn.

We discussed our next course of action within the common area of the inn. A drunk came stumbling over to us when he overheard Lhug Golodh. How could we be so careless as to allow ourselves to be overheard! However, the sot misheard Lhum Galadh. The elf, the big one, and the ugly one all decided that this matter must be taken to the sheriff. I was more focused on the bath I had asked the innkeeper to draw for me. The three of them departed as I sunk into the warmth of the tub. I had been traveling for months, at least three by my count. I needed a good wash, to let the heat sink into my muscles and joints. I’d barely been in 10 minutes when I was so rudely interrupted. The sheriff felt there was something my companions and I needed to see. The Council of Three he had stated. This seemed ominous to say the least. It also seemed that I had no choice in the matter and would be escorted to the council against my will if necessary.

We were escorted to a chamber wherein three individuals looked down on us from a raised platform. A woman of middle age, a young man, and an elderly man. Their names escape me, however I can tell you that the woman stated she belonged to an organization called The Spinsters, the man from The Lumber Consortium, and the elderly man from The Shade Consortium. They did nothing to explain what these titles meant. But I can only imagine they are people of importance in their town.

The elderly man seemed to me a bit senile and I wondered why he was allowed to remain on a council if he was infirm of mind. He was very insistent that it was the council that would ask the questions, making it very difficult for us to glean any information from them. We were hesitant to reveal much more that we had already revealed, but that did not last long. Adorshea stated that we had heard the attackers of Eastbrook say the words “Lhum Galadh.” The council looked gravely upon us. We awaited to consequences
of our words…

- Finn

The Daily Finn
Session One

Starday, 14th of Agruil, 4762 SR

Dear Diary,

Ugh. I can’t believe I’m doing this. I’ve never had a diary before, and I never intended to. Manus once told me that all great leaders have a journal of sorts, chronicling the obstacles they face, the ideas they have, and other such things. I’m no great leader, but I would like to be some day. So now is a good a time as any to start. I’ve run as far away as possible from Nazca. I am at least in Alduria by now. I’ve seen trail markers for a town called Eastbrook another 5 miles east of here. I’ll try to make my way there tomorrow to procure some more supplies before heading on my way again. My journey thus far has been less than exhilarating. Many days spent saddlesore, many nights sleeping under the stars. That’s not to say I’m complaining. I’m not exactly seeking out any of the aforementioned obstacles encountered by great leaders, but I’ve barely spoken to anyone except my mare… and myself. Hopefully Eastbrook will provide a bit more exciting. Anyways, goodnight I guess.

- Finn

Sunday, 15th of Agruil, 4762 SR

Dear Diary,

I’ve got to come up with something more dignified to call you. Diary sounds like musings of some trivial young girl. Maybe something like “The Daily Finn” or “The Chronicles of Finn.” Eh, give me some time, I’ll think of something. Well today has been sufficiently strange. I suppose I should start at the beginning. Bear with me, I assure you the story becomes more interesting. As it would turn out, coin does not go as far in Alduria as it does in Nazca. Regrettably, I ended up having to sell the mare. I figure as long as I don’t have a need to traverse the entire continent of Tellus, I should be able to manage on foot for now. The coin was barely in my hand when a ball of fire streaked the sky and shook the earth. I don’t know what I was thinking. But I raced towards the destruction as quickly as I could. Maybe it’s warrior’s instinct from all those years of training, I’m unsure. I just knew I needed to figure out what was going on. If I needed to protect myself, I needed to know what I was protecting myself from.

Just outside the town, through the dust and debris, I could see a deep, wide crater. I’ve never seen anything like it. I’d heard stories of fire falling from the skies before, attributed to the anger of the gods. I thought maybe the gods were upset with Eastbrook and fired a warning shot, or that they intended to destroy the town, and missed. However, I’m pretty sure I can throw that theory out the window now. Just when I was getting ready to turn back to the town, I caught the outline of something emerging from the crater. It looked human, but it wasn’t quite. No human could still be walking after the injuries this man sustained. He was essentially a walking corpse, stumbling from the smoke. As myself and the rest of the gathered audience looked closer, we realized we was re-materializing before our eyes. He was healing himself somehow. As he came closer, I realized he was shouting incoherently, raving like a mad man. He pondered aloud as to how “they” found him. He seemed utterly astonished. He shouted at himself to flee. Then, much to my dismay, the lunatic grabbed me by my collar and pulled me off the ground with incredible strength. I have never been too keen on human touch, let alone the touch of a stranger. The heat of his grip made me shudder.

Looking into his eyes, I noticed they weren’t quite like any human eye I’d ever seen. I felt as if I was looking through the heavens, as if I could dive into his eyes and fall forever. He had no pupils, only, and as strange as this sounds, I know what I saw, something akin to a keyhole instead. According to him, I’m going to be his “salvation” whatever that means. I am to start running and never stop, lest “they” find me. I assume this is the same “they” he referred to finding him. Then the strangest thing occurred. He pressed his palm to my head and my world flashed bright white eventually fading to black. Then, as if he was communicating through my thoughts, he said, “Never stop running. You will save me.”

Bizarre, no doubt. When I fled Nazca to gallivant across the country in search of great purpose, I never actually expected it to be thrust at me. Though, I’m not entirely certain that this was the great purpose I was searching for. After all, despite all attempts to press the man for more information he simply continued to blither on about “them” finding him. For all I know I’ve just been given a quest by a mad man and will actually be saving him from no one, except maybe his inner demons. However, after an entrance like that, I have an inclination to believe that something bigger might be going on.

After the hatter let go of me, myself and the others near me must have lost consciousness. I found myself sprawled out onto the forest floor. As I found my bearings, one of the others noticed smoke in the distance, in the direction of the town we had come from. We raced back to the village and found it under siege. We did our best to fight off the intruders, but they were too many. We saved what villagers we could. The brutes had lit the thatch while people were still inside. We managed to pull a few to safety. We killed several of these invaders before being forced to flee ourselves. In our haste, we were forced to leave one of our companions behind. I am sad to say that I never even learned his name. I will make a mental note to do something in his memory once we reach some level of stability.

So, here we are fleeing into the woods, making camp for the night. Three strangers and myself have wordlessly agreed to travel together. This should be interesting.

- Finn


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