Evens and Odds

The Evens & Odds casino in Uscan is well lit and extremely clean. There is strikingly little clutter and the tables are laid out in the most space efficient manner. The overall layout of the casino serves to draw the eye of visitors to the tables and nothing else. The owners of the casino do not want their customers to have any distractions other than betting their money at the tables.


Evens & Odds excels at one thing and one thing only: dice games. This casino does not offer any sort of card game or other games of chance. Their main draw is their high roller tables and promise of huge winnings. People go to Evens & Odds for one reason and that is to gamble.


Evens & Odds hires a team of freelance mercenaries to defend their stockpiles and customers. They are currently employing the Isger Army, a highly disciplined and effective human-only legion of sellswords. Their primary mode of combat is to deploy small, tightly knit groups of fighters that use alternating strategies to keep foes off balance. Some would say that the Isger Army is a larger fighting force than Even & Odds requires, but their ownership claims it is not enough.


As stated above, Evens & Odds only offers dice games. However, their casino floor is so large that players can find table with virtually any price range from 1 Sp to 1000 Gp. Their most popular game is Liar’s Dice and they frequently hold tournaments for patrons to join. Most tournaments require a 5 Gp buy in and reward the winner with 100 Gp.

The house chips at Evens & Odds are called Primes. Each one is shaped like a different die with the number of sides representing the value of the Prime.

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Evens and Odds

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