Agatha is a banshee that haunts Gray Wood near that abandoned town of Ivywood. Her exact age is unknown, but the centuries spent in undeath have ravaged her mind and left her dangerously unpredictable. She looks much as she did in life: an elven maid clad in a flowing gown. However, her skin has shriveled and grown tight across her face, like an apple stored in a cold climate for too long. Likewise her eyes have lost all color and are now two pale, milky orbs in her skull.

Agatha’s past life was spent toiling over thousands of tomes of lore in an effort to increase her wizardly powers. She still retains much of that knowledge and a considerable amount of magical skill. Many adventurers will seek Agatha out for a chance to access her knowledge, but her unpredictability has made this a dangerous proposition. Some have found that she is susceptible to flattery, and will often accepts gifts or flattery in exchange for knowledge.

Her lair is in a small grove and is a simple dome woven of warped branches of trees and decaying vines. Many of her worldly possessions are still in the area and can be found in various states of decay. Although she is incorporeal and cannot interact with physical items, she will quickly grow aggressive if any of her items are taken without her permission. Her most precious items, the spellbooks she spent much of her life completing, are hidden throughout her lair and have been protected from age by her once-powerful magic. At one point in time, the banshee possessed a spellbook that was once owned by the legendary mage, Bowgentle. Agatha traded the book to a forgotten necromancer several hundred years ago. She does not know what became of Bowgentle’s spellbook after that transaction.

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