The country of Alduria is the mixing pot of Tellus. The might and impressiveness of Solarion has drawn outsiders into the region for centuries. In addition, the region benefits from numerous powerful city-states that boast excellent protection and citizen rights with little government control or intrusion. Alduria’s people come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities; no Aldurian is quite like his neighbor. They appreciate each other, but honor their privacy. They are the most difficult of all the peoples of Tellus to categorize as their every aspect can vary greatly. Although Alduria is connected to Nyasa, it is not considered to be a part of that continent.

Climate & Geography

The Aldurian climate is as varied as her people. The country itself is vast and stretches from arctic cold in the north to hot desert in the south. The country contains numerous mountain ranges, the most famous of which being the Mycen Mountains, deserts, grasslands, forests, and swampland. Nearly every kind of natural habitat can be found in Alduria. While the temperature and weather patterns of Alduria are not nearly as harsh as other parts of the world, Alduria experiences the full swing of each of the four seasons.


Most parts of Alduria have adopted a relatively new form of government called “democracy” in which the people can vote on issues, rather than a monarch or dictator deciding for them. Most areas still maintain a traditional king and queen monarchy with the addition of a Royal Council whose members are elected by the people. Aldurian cities tend to be sprawling masses of homes, shops, and markets. Aldurians have a booming trade market due to the constant influx of tourists and travelers, and as such their markets are sizeable. Aldurians appreciate their space, but know safety lies in numbers.


The Aldurian language and regional dialect can be as varied as any other aspect of this country. Some regions prefer well-spoken, enunciated speech while others could rival Klaadün for rapid, slurred speech and still others favor slow, sluggish drawls.


There is no real set way to define an Aldurian’s personality. The very nature of Alduria creates a constant mix of people, thoughts, and religions. Any personality type can be created in the lands of Alduria.

Aldurians have just as varied religious views as they do personalities. Some worship fervently while others deny the existence of the Gods. Any deity one can name surely has at least a dozen temples, if not more, spread across Alduria. Likewise, they do not favor any one alignment over another, although the vast majority of Aldurians are some kind of Neutral.

Physical Traits

Aldurians have no distinct physical traits. It is exceedingly difficult to identify someone as Aldurian over any other region. Alduria is too much of a cultural mixing pot to have any distinct traits.



Notable Citizens

Regional Bonuses

  • Adaptable: Because Alduria is such a mixing pot of culture and ideas, any native Aldurian can pick the skill bonuses of any other region to act as her regional bonus. This need not be the same region chosen for her Heredity trait.
  • Heredity: An Aldurian may choose any special ability granted by any other region to act as her regional bonus. This need not be the same region chosen for her Adaptable trait.
  • Racial Restrictions: Due to the events of the Race Wars, several races have been removed or nearly removed from Alduria. No trace of the Gnoll tribes exist in Alduria, and there are exceedingly few Elves. Any character wishing to play an Elf or Half-elf must roll a percentile to determine if that race is available. The chances are 10% or 30%, respectively.
  • Automatic Languages: Aldurian
  • Bonus Language: Aldurians frequently learn at least one other regional language. You may pick one such language for free.
  • Citizenship: Aldurian

Regional Bonuses in 3.5e

Same as above, with the following exceptions or additions:

  • Heredity: This is an Extraordinary ability.
  • Favored Class: Any; Aldurians can easily adapt to any outlook or training without consequence or gain. An Aldurian native picks any character class to act as her favored class. This choice must be made at 1st level and cannot be changed once it has been made.

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