Burly Q

The Burly Q casino consists of several large theater rooms with various smaller gambling and private show rooms placed around the large theaters. There is always a feeling of playful naughtiness in the air. The building is decorated in deep, sensual reds and blacks with images of scantily clad girls carved into the woodwork. Several dozen dining tables fill the floors in front of the theater stages where patrons can freely eat, drink, smoke, and flirt with the girls as much as they please. The private rooms feature plenty of soft, satin lounge pillows and draperies of fine silk that the girls use to the fullest to entertain their guests.


The Burly Q is the most popular and powerful burlesque in the city of Uscan. It is one of the cleaner venues in the city and prides itself on its ability to appeal to all visitors of the city. While the shows at the Burly Q are certainly risqué, there is never any overt nudity and offensive content is kept to a minimum. This allows the burlesque draw in customers that would otherwise avoid Uscan. Because it offers such little in the way of gambling and focuses mainly on shows, there is a 2 Gp fee just to enter the Burly Q.

The Burly Q has a few gambling areas, but it mostly focuses on shows and customer interaction to please its visitors. Its main attraction are the Girls of the Q. The Burly Q will gladly allow a customer to pay for a female escort throughout the night. The girls will refuse any sexual acts, but will happily and effectively flirt and entertain throughout the evening. The girls cost more or less based on desired quality and time of service.


Rather than worry about training, funding, and feeding their own private army the Burly Q has struck a deal with the Dragon’s Hoard. Each month the Burly Q will supply the Dragon’s Hoard with a sum of gold in exchange for soldiers. The Dragon’s Hoard has long sought to have the payment in girls, but the Burly Q refuses such requests due to the Dragon’s Hoard notoriety for mistreatment of whores.


The gambling games offered at the Burly Q are listed below. The casino favors Bunco because it is quick and easy, which means that players have more time to focus on the girls. Most games at the Burly Q are fairly cheap and offer low rewards.

The house chips at the Burly Q are called Cappers. They are the same size of a standard coin but are made of smooth pieces of wood. Each Capper has the Burly Q sigil engraved on one side and the value of the Capper on the other.

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Burly Q

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