Campaigns in Tellus

Here is a quick list and brief synopsis of the events happening in Tellus that can serve as the basis of a riveting campaign. Most of these are still nothing but imaginings of the world’s creator (myself), but a few have been fully developed and played. These few are marked with an asterisk (*) for easy reference.

If by chance you play on the virtual tabletop gaming system Fantasy Grounds (FG) then you may wish to pay special attention to any campaigns with two asterisks (**). These campaigns have not only been fully developed and played but have also been fully created as modules for FG. Contact me at Obsidian Portal or on Fantasy Grounds if you wish to acquire these adventure modules.

The Sphere of Annihilation**

Eons ago, in the time before time was recorded, before the histories of the Realms were begun or imagined, in a single universe bereft of magic and monsters, there was but a single world governed by but a single deity. He created Men and led them, ever hoping that his children would become shining exemplars of Righteousness and Good. But there were other children who were not as favored; who soon grew impatient and jealous; who plotted the demise of their Father. Behind the back of the Creator did they forge a weapon of pure destruction and terror, capable of eradicating anything that it touched: the Sphere of Annihilation. With this weapon in hand they waged a war that lasted for millennia. And at the end they stood victorious.

Free to craft the world to their liking, the Greater Deities knew that only one thing could stop them. That thing which they had created but knew could not be undone, only hidden. Using a band of loyal Men they hid the Sphere from all knowledge and set protectors for all time in the form of the Order of the Sphere. Now, ages upon ages later, the secret of the Sphere is out, learned by an unknown force using unknown methods. And only the Order stands in their way…

The Sphere of Annihilation campaign will carry four to six characters from 1st to 20th level. Their travels will span all of Tellus, but focus primarily on the country of Alduria. Any and all manner of monsters and creatures cross their paths, along with no small number of powerful NPCs. The campaign ends with a major war breaking out that threatens to tear not only Alduria or Tellus but the Realms apart. This is the campaign that Tellus was made for.

Rise of Undeath

Far out in the Sea of Alduria rests a small speck of an island, the spawn of an aging but very active volcano. Here rests an old Maester, determined to create ever more wondrous and magnificent devices. He has chosen to make Bethune Island his home while he perfects his creations far from the meddling eyes of civilization. But one of his trans-dimensional experiments goes horribly wrong. A band of adventurers have arrived in search for his expertise and inadvertently set off a disastrous chain reaction. Now undead creatures from a plane of existence beyond the scope of the Realms pour through the gate. Traditional turning and magical effects have little or no effect on these creatures and the Realms are soon overrun, so much so that the Deities close the tunnels between the Planes, preventing all planar travel. It is up to the PCs to find the lost Maester and devise a way to return the undead to their realm while avoiding succumbing to the deadly plague.

The Rise of Undeath starts off with a simple task to find an old gnomish tinkerer. He has surrounded himself with all sorts of mechanical constructs, clockwork guards, and devious traps. Inadvertently thinking the PCs are intruders sent by his old nemesis, he quickly prepares for a rapid departure and escapes the island. The PCs are left alone, battling wave after wave of metal beasts, only to accidentally activate one of the Maester’s experiments. The lone creature that bursts through the chaotic portal quickly escapes and it is not for weeks that the PCs learn of the consequences of their folly.

This storyline starts with four PCs at 10th level. It is fairly open-ended, with the plague spreading for as far and as long as the DM wishes. It could reach only the nearest continent or the entire Realms. The PCs could be chasing the Maester for weeks or decades or centuries, taking them from 10th to 12th to 20th level. The main creatures that are planned are the constructs the Maester leaves in his wake and the undead that are created from the plague. A zombie template is supplied that creates a terrifying creature that less like the D&D® zombies and more like the modern, 28 Days Later meets Dawn of the Dead (remake) fast-running zombies.

The Demon Tower*

In the peaceful city of Brindol a legend has grown. Tales now say that the old McLennan Estate, onetime home to a powerful wizarding family, has become haunted by dark, vile forces. It is said that whoever enters the mansion is doomed to die and have his soul trapped within the bloodied walls. The last figure of note to enter the property was the famous scholar Content Not Found: ser-jacob-stonewall, and that was nearly a hundred years ago! These stories, of course, have been around for hundreds of years, and no soul dares to claim the land for fear the stories prove true. Some say that the evil of the house is what keeps it standing, other more practical thinkers explain the the McLennan’s simply cast protective spells on their home. But even those practical people have trouble walking past the house without quickening their pace.

The Demon Tower is a single dungeon that can easily become a minor campaign in itself. The town of Brindol can be explored and investigated. with careful research put into the myths built around the estate. As for the mansion itself, this 76 room dungeon will leave the PCs shaken, terrified, and screaming for more! A true test of resource management, cunning, teamwork, and strength of will, the Demon Tower is a wonderfully dark adventure for four to six 12th level characters.

The War of Sand & Stone

Details coming soon. TLDNR version: The dwarves of Marr Drukat go to war with the merchants of the Drizzaru Dunes after the merchants assassinate the dwarven king.

Doom in Delver’s Dale

The peaceful mining community of Delver’s Dale is suddenly and inexplicably attacked by an evil force that erupted from the depths of the mine. After the town is laid to waste, High Lord Toxanimir of Greyhawk sends a team of his most decorated captains to investigate the cause. Once the group arrives, they find that the Dale is covered in perpetual shadow and has mysteriously aged several decades. Their investigation leads them deep into the Underdark, chasing a creature that they increasingly believe is of demonic origin and that may have been summoned by cultists hiding in the town. Worse yet, the evil that pervades in the land is slowly driving each of them mad. Will they eliminate the source of evil before madness consumes them? A multi-part adventure for an EL 13 adventuring party.

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Campaigns in Tellus

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