Challenge of Champions

Accounts of Challenges Past

4762 SR

Division Joust Champion Archery Champion Gladiatorial Champion Mage Duel Champion GRAND CHAMPION
Page Varuge Leonada Mnembie Sllyzatharus Rullosh Sllyzatharus
Squire Sir Vaclav Trittico Horven Trannyth Tradak the Dragontouched Zunjo, Red Mantis Sibyllidae Zunjo, Red Mantis Sibyllidae
Knight Sir Ulrich von Liechtenstein Arqualius DeVane Sir Victakahn al Jorzagad, Captain of the Sable Company Arqualius DeVane Arqualius DeVane
Lord Mystery Knight Ravlok Mystery Knight Lord Fhadove Zunjo of House Arkone Mystery Knight

Rules and Regulations

Overall Rules

  • There are five Skill Divisions:
    • Page’s Division (Levels 1-5)
    • Squire’s Division (Levels 6-10)
    • Knight’s Division (Levels 11-15)
    • Lord’s Division (Levels 16-20)
  • Entry fee depends on Skill Division selected
    • Page – 250 Gp
    • Squire – 2,700 Gp
    • Knight – 11,000 Gp
    • Lord – 44,000 Gp
  • Base Fee grants entry in one match
  • Each additional match costs one half Base Fee
  • Even with safety precautions, death is a possibility
  • No magic gear or use allowed, unless otherwise stated
  • Critical and Fumble Charts will not be used until Final Match

Archery Contest – Day One

  • Contest consists of several archers shooting at targets several distances away
  • Ranges Are: 100 ft First Round, 200 ft Second Round, 300 ft Third Round
  • In Round Four the targets are moving (AC increase of 5)
  • Two archers challenge each other at a time, but all fire at once
  • Each archer will receive his choice of weapon and five pieces of ammunition
  • The highest scoring archers move ahead to the next round
  • Should archers tie, a Sudden Death shot at 400 ft occurs
  • Weapons available (and penalties at range) are as follows:
Weapon 100 ft. 200 ft. 300 ft. 400 ft.
Comp Shortbow -2 -4 -8 -10
Comp Longbow -0 -2 -4 -6
Light Crossbow -2 -4 -6 -8
Heavy Crossbow -0 -2 -4 -6
  • For every archery-specific feat that a contestant has she will gain a +2 bonus on her check. This represents her dedicated training and skill to the Art of Archery
  • The Point Scale is as follows:
    • Fifth Ring (AC 7) 1 Point
    • Fourth Ring (AC 9) 2 Points
    • Third Ring (AC 12) 3 Points
    • Second Ring (AC 16) 4 Points
    • First Ring (AC 21) 5 Points
    • Bull’s~Eye (AC 27) 6 Points
    • Split An Arrow (AC 35) 8 Points

Gladiatorial Match ~ Day Two

  • Two champions fight each other in Melee Combat
  • Only non-magical, blunted melee weapons permitted
  • Magic casting not allowed
  • Non~magical light armor and shields only
  • No ranged weapons of any kind permitted
  • Crowd can, and will, affect combat (Complete Warrior p.132)
  • Each Match begins with both combatants attempting to impress the crowd (Weapon Drill, Perform, Tumble, etc.) to gain instant bonuses; roll three checks and take best

Joust ~ Day Three

  • Riders charge one another and attempt to Hit, Dismount, or Break a Weapon
  • Riders use blunted, non-magical lances,
  • Damage is doubled due to charging with lance
  • Any non-magical armor and shield allowed
  • Attacking a rider’s mount results in Immediate Disqualification
  • First to twenty points or last man standing wins match
  • Scoring:
Hit target One Point
Dismount (Trip Attack) One Point
Sunder Weapon One Point
Break Lance One Point
  • A lance is broken by dealing three quarters or more of maximum damage
  • Each Mounted-Specific feat adds +2 to attack, excluding Spirited Charge
  • Aim For head: -8 Attack, hit causes 50% miss chance
  • Rent heavy warhorse 100 Gp, light warhorse 40 Gp

Mage Duel ~ Day Four

  • Opposing mages cast spell to show their mastery and control of Magic
  • Step 1 ~ Entering the Duel
    • Both mages place their hands on the orbs presented and ready their minds
  • Step 2 ~ Assessment
    • Mages use their magic to test or overawe one another
    • Casters note both results but only reveal one to opponent
      • Display Might ~ duelists cast a spell normally (1d20 + Caster Level + Relevant Ability)
      • Throw the Veil ~ duelist use skills to trick opponent (1d20 + Spellcraft, Concentration, Bluff, or Intimidate Ranks + Relevant Ability)
    • After ten rounds the Duel moves to the next step
  • Step 3 ~ Commitment
    • Duelists choose to continue or withdraw based on displayed power
  • Step 4 ~ Final Strike
    • Mages cast one final spell in an attempt to overwhelm opponent
    • Final roll and all Display Might rolls are added up
    • Mage with the highest result wins the duel
    • Loser suffers various penalties based on the difference between average Display Might check results
    0-15 Points -2 Temporary Ability damage to Relevant Ability and Fatigued
    16-25 Points -4 Temporary Ability damage to Relevant Ability and Exhausted
    26-30 Points -6 Temporary Ability damage to Relevant Ability, Unconscious for 1d4 hours, and Will Save DC ½ Number of Points or Lose All for One Day
    31+ Points -8 Temporary Ability damage to Relevant Ability, Unconscious for 1d4 days, and Will Save DC ½ Number of Points or Lose All for 1d4 Days (Normally Death)

    Challenge Of Champions ~ Day Five

    • Final Champions of each day fight each other in Grand Battle
    • All champions’ gear is permitted, but exceptions may apply
    • Real Weapons, Real Damage, Real Blood ~ Death is Possible
    • No rules, but dirty fighting is frowned upon
    • Purposeful slaying is Illegal and punishable by Death
    • Clerics of Pelor are on stand-by to help fallen
    • Advised that champions surrender when too badly wounded to avoid Death
    • Champions are reminded to use their full potential in this battle
    • Crowd Effects from Gladiatorial Match still apply

    Experience and Awards

    • One half of CR is awarded as XP per foe defeated
    • One half of XP awarded is given as Gold for Division Champion only
    • All Division Champions earn Full Citizenship in Solarion
    • All Division Champions gain full XP of any foe defeated in Grand Battle
    • Each Grand Champion gains Platinum equal to half of XP earned in Grand Battle

    Division Grand Champions earn a one week stay as High Guests of Honor of His Royal Majesty King Lews Thorndale XIV in the Azlanti Keep

Challenge of Champions

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