When the Lesser Deity Ikol fell from the heavens, he imparted a shadow of his consciousness upon those who found him walking from his crater. These five were, of course Adorshea, Dnalor, Finlay “Finn” Deòir, Kulthar Stormrage, and Relim Felris, whom history will forever remember as the Deitouched. It is the Deitouched who would eventually lead to the discovery of the Sphere of Annihilation and started the second War of the Divine.

While not specifically touched by the deity Ikol, the following heroes were known to frequently travel with the Deitouched:

- An excerpt from “The Rise and Fall of the Last Age: An Historical Recounting of the Second War of the Divine” by Valdemaras Giedrius, written in 178 ADF, the Ninth Age of Man

Events of the Deitouched

Day 1: Sunday, 15th Agruil, 4762 SR

  • Group is in the village of Eastbrook: Adorshea, Dnalor, Kulthat, Finn, Relim
  • A massive earthquake rocks the building and everyone rushes outside to find out what happened
  • The five approach a crater to the west of town and find a walking skeleton emerging from the pit
  • Skeleton heals before their eyes, becoming a man who is constantly rambling about “them” and how “fast they are” and how it’s “not possible they found me”
  • Man tells group that he will “save them” before touching them on the heads and they pass out
  • (Man is Ikol, Lesser Deity of Secrecy and Shadows, cast from his Realm by forces unknown)
  • Wake some time later to find Eastbrook in flames
  • Attempt to rescue villagers and drive off attackers, but are unsuccessful
  • Finn searches a dead attacker and finds the tattoo of the Knob Knocker’s Guild
  • Relim is dropped and the others flee, leaving him behind
  • After escaping the town, the group decides to head to Westchester, a day’s march away
  • During the march, the group finds that an unknown voice whispers “Lhûg Golodh” in their minds
  • Adorshea finds this is ancient elvish that roughly translates to “Serpent Sage”

Day 2: Moonday, 16th Agruil, 4762 SR

  • The group reaches the town and meets Sheriff Reinhold Folke
  • The group wanders the town, learning a bit of its history, and attempts to find out what Lhûg Golodh or the voice really means
  • While speaking of the voice, a town drunkard overhears the conversation and confuses “Lhûg Golodh” with “Lhum Galadh”
  • The drunk confronts the group and explains that they are saying it wrong, before passing out
  • Puzzled by this turn of events, the group seeks out Sheriff Reinhold to ask what Lhum Galadh means
  • He grows stern and says that he needs to take them to the Council of Three, which is the three individuals that constitute the leadership of the town
  • The Council of Three consists of Katelijne Briallen of the Spinsters, Dirk Roburn of the Lumber Consortium, and Schten Koresh of the Shade Collective
  • These three tell the group that by even knowing the words Lhum Galadh they are a threat to the people of the town, but they cannot say more
  • The three ask the group to stay in the town for three days while they deliberate and decide what to do
  • Assurances are made that no harm will befall the group, as that is not the way of the people of Westchester, but that they ask the group to stay for the behalf of the people

Day 3: Tearsday, 17th Agruil ,4762 SR

  • The group decides to tour with town with the Sheriff while he makes his rounds
  • During the day the perform various tasks to help the townsfolk and even entertain a group of small children by playing games
  • Near the end of the day they seek out the Shade Collective in order to learn more of the town
  • The rest of the evening is spent sitting with the cantankerous old men of the Shade Collective and learning the histories of Westchester

Day 6: Freeday, 20th Agruil, 4762 SR

  • Meet with Council of Three and are told they need to seek the Spirit of the Wood in order to understand why the knowledge they possess is so dangerous
  • Purchase goods and then enter the Gray Wood

Day 12: Thornsday, 26th Agruil 4762 SR

  • At night, Adorshea is on watch when she spots several sets of eyes watching her from the base of a tree
  • She moves to cast Light on a rock, but the action scares the creatures away
  • The rest of the night passes uneventfully
  • The next day she shares the tale with her companions

Day 15: Sunday, 29th Agruil, 4762 SR

  • Continue moving through the woods
  • While taking a break, noises are heard from a nearby bush
  • Dnalor moves to investigate
  • The Deku inside the bush grow nervous at Dnalor’s approach and summon two black bears to protect them
  • The bears attack the group and knock Kulthar unconscious
  • One bear is killed, the other ordered to retreat once the Deku see the group is hampered
  • Dnalor and Adorshea find a cave nearby and later Adorshea and Finn build a stretcher for Kulthar
  • The group rests in the cave for two days while Kulthar heals

Day 17: Tearsday, 1st Maee, 4762 SR

  • Kulthar awakens, still wounded, but able to move once more
  • The group sets out without further delay

Day 18: Wealday, 2nd Maee, 4762 SR

  • Kulthar falls unconscious, heavy with fever
  • Finn tells of a purple herb with three leaves that can reduce fever, but it is very rare and hard to find
  • Adorshea and Finn set out to find this herb while Dnalor watches over Kulthar
  • During her search, Finn stumbles into a pit trap and calls for help
  • Adorshea and Dnalor run to offer aid and pull Finn from the pit
  • Three creatures (Deku Scrubs) attack the three, deling only nonlethal damage
  • While they are out, a hallucenating Kulthar encounters a blue mushroom man who tells the haldf-orc that the secret to finding the Spirit of the Wood is to be “one with nature, as you were on the day of your birth”
  • Kulthar strips naked and overs himself with mud, a scene the others walk in on once they return
  • The others attempt to convince Kulthar that he imagined the whole thing, while Kulthar attempts to convince them that it is real

Day 21: Starday, 5th Maee, 4762 SR

  • The group has been searching the wood once more
  • Kulthar is still with fever and his wounds do not heal, but he remains stable
  • Eventually Finn finds the purple, three-leafed herb and heals Kulthar of his fever
  • Adorshea’s elven blood begins to reverberate with the forest. She now feels a force pulling her toward Lhum Galadh
  • The group follows Adorshea’s senses and heads deeper into the Gray Wood
  • Kulthar is completely naked, Adorshea is naked but carries longbow and quiver, Finn & Dnalor both remain fully clothed with all gear

Day 21-200: Wealday, 21st Nuvemben, 4762 SR

Day 202: Freeday, 23rd Nuvemben, 4762 SR


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