A Deku tribe near the Tree of Shade. Image via Nate Hallinan on DeviantArt

The Deku are a race of sentient plants that live in the Gray Wood of Alduria. They protect the ancient lifeforce of the Wood, called Lhum Galadh (Elvish for “Tree of Shade”). The Gray Wood, and therefore the Deku, are further protected and kept secret by the people of Westchester.

The Deku appear to be several strands of wooden branches woven together into a roughly humanoid shape. Their heads are elongated ovoids similar in shape to an almond. Their eyes glow a bright orange. Although made of wood, the Deku are surprisingly nimble and dexterous, able to move swiftly over the difficult terrain of the forest. They also possess an uncanny ability to stand perfectly still and, when they close their eyes, can seamlessly blend into the surrounding forest and fade from view. This natural camouflage allows them to hide within mere feet of any trespassers into the Wood.

They are an extremely peaceful people and prefer not to engage in violence. When intruders enter the Gray Wood their main course of action is to scare the offending party out of the forest. They will rustle branches, whisper in the dark, cause trees to fall nearby, allow their glowing eyes to be seen in the distance at night, and so on in an attempt to cause extreme discomfort. If the trespassers persist, the Deku will use advanced tactics including fires and, eventually, physical force. They prefer to hurl spears from a distance and use a nut that grows in the Wood to stun their enemies. This nut, when dried for a fortnight, will cause a bright flash of light when thrown against a hard surface. The Deku use this flash as a diversionary tactic when engaging enemies.

The Deku speak their own language, which is loosely based on Sylvan. Their society is similar to early Stone Age man, with their greatest advances in technology consisting of hand-made bowls and crude spears with sharpened stones tied to the tip. They prefer leisurely days and calm nights, of breaking out into a crude, yet elegant, form of song and dance. Little else is known of their society.

One final note on the Deku is their fascinating deaths. When a Deku dies the wooden form of their bodies crumble into a pile of sticks. However, in a brief moment after death, careful observers have noted seeing a small, glowing figure flit from the head of the Deku and into the canopy of the forest. This has led many to speculate that the Deku are not living branches but rather small forest sprites that can possess dead branches and form humanoid bodies. This has yet to be proven, but seems a likely scenario. No Deku has ever been recorded as dying from old age.

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