Dragon's Hoard

The Dragon’s Hoard is decorated much like an actual dragon’s lair. The walls a rough stone that resemble cavern walls and ceilings; the tables are arrayed in a dizzying, random pattern; food pits placed about the floor offer ales and meats cooked to order; piles of fake gold shaped into chairs and benches lie all about; and everywhere the eye can see is fire. Random bursts of flame will erupt from the floors, ceilings, chairs, and tables all throughout the Dragon’s Hoard. Customers need not fear the flame, however, for it is merely a magical illusion. The Dragon’s Hoard uses the flame bursts to randomly determine which customer wins the hourly 50 Gp jackpot by engulfing the winner in this magical flame.


The Dragon’s Hoard casino is for those who like to live and play dangerously. This casino allows players to not bet just gold and goods but lives as well. Husbands bet wives, mothers bet children, masters bet slaves, and the poor bet themselves. It is not uncommon for players to bet limbs either, with many games resulting in a lost finger, toe, or ear. The Dragon’s Hoard is without a doubt the most unpredictable and dangerous casino in Uscan.

The Dragon’s Hoard also features a small area where patrons can go pleasure themselves with the company of whores, both male and female. There are no restrictions on how patrons treat the whores; they are free to beat, choke, spank, rape, or perform any other act the other brothels restrict.


The Dragon’s Hoard uses whatever means it can to supply its fighting force. They may hire sellswords, purchase slaves to train, or force customers with large debts to work their fees off. Each member of the Dragon’s Clutch is assigned to a different color based on his uses, abilities and skills. The Dragon’s Clutch mainly relies on the Red Dragons (magei), the Black Dragons (rogues), and the Silver Dragons (melee) however there are groups for every color of dragon. Note that the color of the group does not reflect on the alignment of its members.


The Dragon’s Hoard offers only the most challenging games. They also allow players to bet virtually anything, from coin to body parts, good to lives. Their main feature is a weekly Mage Duel tournament. In the tournament, the mage’s magical energies manifest as two gigantic dragons that provide a spectacular battle for onlooking patrons. The cost to enter the tournament is 10 Gp and magei may bet more on individual rounds.

The house chips at the Dragon’s Hoard are called Scales. The value of each Scale is determined by its color, which match one of the five metallic dragons.

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Dragon's Hoard

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