Nestled quietly in a small clearing near the Gray Wood is the small village of Eastbrook. There is nothing overly remarkable about the small hamlet; it exists only as a waystation on the road to Westchester, a prominent lumber town located to the north. As such, the town contains a lone temple to a local deity, an inn, a tavern, and a few shops that cover the essentials for any traveler or merchant. The rest is small thatch-roofed cottages, mud and stone huts, and farmland.

In 4762 SR, an object fell from the sky and landed just outside of town. This object was investigated by five adventurers that went on to become known as the Deitouched. Shortly after this event, the town was attacked and razed by an unknown group of bandits. Their purpose or reason for causing this destruction is still unknown. Many of the surviving townsfolk fled to the nearby town of Westchester. For all intents and purposes, Eastbrook no longer exists.

Demographics and Statistics

Town Size: Hamlet
Population: 137 Adults (+32 non-adults)
Gp Limit: 100 Gp
Ready Cash: 685 Gp
Power Center: Conventional (Village Elder)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Racial Demographics: 96% Human, 2% Halfling, 1% Gnome, 1% Other
Guards: 1 full-time, 6 militia

Important Characters:

Highest Levels of Each Class (Multiples Spawn Separate Lower Levels, Except Those Marked *):

  • Adepts: One 1st Level
  • Aristocrats: One 1st Level
  • Barbarians: None
  • Bards: One 4th Level
  • Clerics: One 3rd Level
  • Commoners: One 11th Level
  • Druids: One 3rd Level
  • Experts: One 5 Level
  • Fighters: None
  • Monks: None
  • Paladins: One 1st Level
  • Rangers: One 1st Level
  • Rogues: One 1st Level
  • Sorcerers: One 1st Level
  • Warriors: Six 1st Level
  • Wizards: One 1st Level

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