The Free City of Greyhawk is the main power in the central region of Alduria. Time and time again it has come to the aid of Solarion when war has ravaged the land. Twice it has been sacked and razed to the ground, rising from the ashes each time. The current ruler, High Lord Toxanimir, has done more for the city’s economy and stability than any leader in the city’s history. Under his watchful eye and strong grip the city has nearly doubled its size and tripled its wealth.

Greyhawk is known as the Free City in Alduria because of its loose interpretation of law. There is a city guard and a judicial system in place, but both are more lax than in other places. In addition, Greyhawk’s main government is unique in that the citizens of the city elect their leaders through a complex voting system they call “democracy.” The idea is new and quite radical in the land of Alduria, where most large cities are run by classical monarchy and noble-blood inheritance governments.

Demographics and Statistics

Town Size: Large City
Population: 25,000 Adults (+10,000 non adults)
Gp Limit: 40,000 Gp
Ready Cash: 100,000,000 Gp
Power Center: Magical – High Lord Toxanimir the Wizard
Alignment: True Neutral
Racial Demographics: 79% Human, 10% Halfling, 8% Dwarf, 2% Gnome, 1% Other
Guards: 500 full-time (Green Guard); 2,500 militia

Important Characters:

Highest Levels of Each Class (Multiples Spawn Separate Lower Levels):

  • Adepts: One 15th, One 13th, and One 11th Level
  • Aristocrats: One 13th and Two 11th Level
  • Barbarians: Two 13th and One 10th Level
  • Bards: One 14th, One 12th, and One 10th Level
  • Clerics: One 15th, One 12th, and One 11th Level
  • Commoners: One 20th and Two 18th Level
  • Druids: One 13th and Two 12th Level
  • Experts: One 19th, One 18th, and One 15th Level
  • Fighters: One 14th, One 12th, and One 11th Level
  • Monks: One 14th, One 13th, and One 12th Level
  • Paladins: One 12th, One 11th, and One 10th Level
  • Rangers: Two 12th and One 10th Level
  • Rogues: One 12th and Two 10th Level
  • Sorcerers: Two 12th and One 11th Level
  • Warriors: One 14th and Two 12th Level
  • Wizards: One 18th (Toxanimir), One 13th, and One 12th Level

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