Hachiro Quang

Before you stands a short man dressed in all black. He wears baggy pants and a loose shirt with the arms exposed, all of a style unfamiliar to you. A hood covers his head and wraps around his face, revealing eyes that could only belong to one of the easterners from Nanoi. He moves with swift, assured grace and produces a deadly blade seemingly out of nowhere. And then he vanishes, his laughter the only indication that he was ever there at all.

Hachiro is one of the deadliest assassins the northern country of Nanoi has ever produced. Efficient, determined, and highly skilled, he takes every precaution to assure that his targets never stand a chance of surviving. He analyzes all angles and possibilities, making sure to create situations that enhance his strengths while minimizing his few weaknesses.

One of the things that make him so deadly is that he has also assembled a small team of individuals that share his deadly precision and dedication to planning. With his two partners, Zheng Bao Zan and Hitomi Shinju, he has managed to successfully terminate all of his targets for nearly twenty years. Their combined skills are unparalleled, which means that their price is as well.

Hachiro regularly plans out his battles so far in advance that they are won before a single blade is drawn. He even has plans for unexpected attacks, meaning that virtually no attack is unexpected. He does not fear getting close to his foe. In fact, his style often demands it. He quickly dances around his foe, dodging or deflecting incoming attacks, studying his target’s movements only to strike right when their guard falls, dealing an often fatal blow. He favors dual kukris, using them both to kill in one cut or several dozen.

Hachiro Quang

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