Hazard is a dice game. The object is to throw two dice and bet on the resulting numerical combination. Only one player throws, but any number of viewers can bet.

Difficulty: Medium


Any number may play, but only one player — the caster — has the dice at any one time.

In each round, the caster specifies a number between 5 and 9 inclusive: this is the main . He then throws two dice.If he rolls the main, he wins (throws in or nicks).

  • If he rolls a 2 or a 3, he loses (throws out). If he rolls an 11 or 12, the result depends on the main:
    • with a main of 5 or 9, he throws out with both an 11 and a 12;
    • with a main of 6 or 8, he throws out with an 11 but nicks with a 12;
    • with a main of 7, he nicks with an 11 but throws out with a 12.

If he neither nicks nor throws out, the number thrown is called the
chance . He throws the dice again:

  • if he rolls the chance , he wins;
  • if he rolls the main , he loses (unlike on the first throw);
  • if he rolls neither, he keeps throwing until he rolls one or the other, winning with the chance and losing with the main .


Bets are between the caster and the bank (the setter), which may be the remaining players acting as a group.

If the caster nicks on the first throw, he wins an amount equal to his stake. After the first throw, the caster wins his stake if he gets his chance before his main.

After the first throw, the caster (and others, in side bets) may wager an additional sum that the chance will come before the main. These bets are made at odds determined by the relative proportions of the main and the chance.


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