History of Tellus

The History of Tellus is measured in the Solarion Reckoning (SR), a calendar of time based on the appearance of the Aldurian city of Solarion. The following is a timeline of important historical events in Tellus’ past, present, and future. Unless otherwise noted, assume all events below are not known by the average individual and thus require special research (ie: direct connection to event or knowledge check in pertinent area).

Prehistoric Events

Solarion Reckoning

0-400 SR

  • Solarion is discovered fully erected but completely empty. The first 400 years of history have since been lost.

4137 SR

4238 SR

4573 SR

4584 SR

4587 SR

4589 SR

4619 SR

4622 SR

4638 SR

4643 SR

4645 SR

4661 SR

4670 SR

4687 SR

4689 SR

4691 SR

  • Agruil 11: Malgo is born.

4696 SR

4710 SR

4712 SR

4714 SR

4719 SR

4720 SR

4724 SR

4725 SR

4728 SR

4732 SR

4735 SR

4736 SR

4737 SR

4738 SR

4739 SR

4740 SR

4741 SR

4743 SR

4744 SR

4761 SR

  • Maee 13: Xan Yae, the Al’Tarraeh’Val, who is prophesied to unite the Lizardfolk and give them the world, is born in the swamps near Sandpointe.

4762 SR

4763 SR

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1 Common knowledge.

2 Cannot be learned by any individual barring uniquely special circumstances (ie: GM desires knowledge known or is essential to campaign)

3 Pertains to the adventures of Toxanimir’s Dozen

4 Pertains to the adventures of the Deitouched

History of Tellus

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