Located in south of Alduria, Klaadün is a beautiful country filled with stunning landscapes, vast mountain ranges, and the most free-spirited, socially adept people in all of Tellus. The land rarely sees any militaristic combat, and on the rare occasions when it is forced into conflict the neighboring country of Nazca always comes to offer aid. This relationship is mutually beneficial, as Klaadün offers economic aid to the war-ravaged Nazca in exchange for this protection. Beyond that, Klaadün is famous the world over for producing the most effective and efficient ambassadors, politicians, and spies. It is because of this extreme focus on inter-personal skills that Klaadün has been able to deftly secure its position among its neighboring countries and established itself as a prime location for travel and lavish experiences.

Climate & Geography:

Klaadün is most commonly associate with hot, wet weather and severe seasonal storms. The country can be divided into three main regions: mountains and highlands, river basins, and coastal plains. Mountains and coastal plains generally run in a north-south direction, while highlands and river basins generally run in an east-west direction. Klaadün’s extreme geographic variation contributes to the continent’s large number of natural habitats and communities of animals and plants. Within a few hundred miles, Klaadün’s coastal plains’ dry desert rises to rugged mountains. One of the continent’s river basins is defined by dense, tropical rain forest, while the other is made up of vast grasslands. With an unparalleled number of plant and animal species, Klaadün’s rich biodiversity is unique among Tellus’ continents.


The people of Klaadün are more free-spirited than the people of other lands. They tend to live relaxed, peaceful lives with little-to-no conflict. Their land is famous for extravagant, socially free holidays and events; acts that would be looked upon in disgust elsewhere may happen freely in the streets. These normally revolve around promiscuous and sexual themes. While they are no strangers to combat or fighting for what they love, they would often prefer to discuss things and settle most matters non-violently, if possible. That said, Klaadün is known for producing some of the best spies and assassins the world over; major conflicts in Klaadün are settled with the quiet removal of those in power rather than all-out war.

The Klaadünese are a highly personable people, often coming off as too friendly, or even uncomfortably invasive in some cases, to those from other lands. They have smaller personal boundaries, often completely non-existent, and freely discuss even the most private matters with near strangers. Klaadünese etiquette dictates that nearly all conversations begin with a thorough introduction or catching up (for old friends) before more serious matters are discussed; personal background, living situations, current employment, familial ties and history, political thoughts, and recreational activities are all common topics covered. This period of conversation can last several hours before the actual reason for the meeting is discussed. In many cases a single discussion between two people on the street may end with a group of twenty or more sharing stories and talking of recent events. When pressed for time, a Klaadünese native will settle for a mere half hour discussion, although this is considered somewhat offensive. Fortunately, the Klaadünese are aware that other peoples do not act in this way are politely ignore the affront when outsiders do not follow protocol.

Most Klaadünese tend to be neutral or chaotic; their free lifestyle rarely permits a lawful alignment. They have no bias towards good vs. evil. If a Klaadünese worships a deity, which is rare, it tends to be a deity that promotes well-being and freedom with little regard for laws or regulations.

Physical Traits

Klaadünese often have darker, coarser, curlier hair and darker eyes than others of their race. Their skin tends toward an olive or tan shade with very few blemishes, such as freckles or moles; Klaadün is hit by more sunlight than other regions and its people often tend to be darker in complexion. Klaadünese also tend to be taller and skinnier; it is often assumed that their relaxed nature has cause them to evolve longer limbs that resulted in their characteristic lanky, loping gaits, although this has never been proven.


People from Klaadün often speak rapidly and tend to have poor enunciation. Their regional language is an extremely fast-paced tongue with little emphasis on detailed pronunciation. Interestingly, their language almost requires the two speakers to be face-to-face, as body language and facial expression play a key role in communication. This often makes it difficult for outsiders to learn their language. When speaking in other tongues, Klaadünese often seem to have a speech impediment, as if their tongue were numb. Some comment on the strangeness that such a rapid, precise language would come from such a stately and relaxed people, but this is actually a logical course of progression; if the Klaadünese spoke any slower their conversations would last weeks!


Klaadün villages & cities tend to be very small, but tightly packed. They are more common along the Roads than settlements in other regions; the two villages furthest apart are no more than half a day’s ride from each other. Houses are built as close as possible, sometimes with adjoining doors and shared facilities. Their leaders are virtually non-existent, as Klaadünese enjoy their freedom too much to suffer rule for long. While this sounds refreshing to most outsiders, it means that Klaadün has no central power with which to grant rights or perks to its citizens; there is no army to defend their lands, no courts to guide them, and little guards to protect them. Fortunately, there have been remarkably few incidents where this proved to be a problem for the folk of Klaadün.



Notable Citizens

Regional Bonuses

  • Personable: Due to their personable nature and social outlook, all Klaadünese gain proficiency with one of the following: Deception, Insight, Intimidation, or Persuasion.
  • Turn on the Charm: A Klaadünese may put forth extra effort into her personable skills. As an action she can gather her thoughts and “put on her best face,” granting her advantage on all Charisma-based skill checks for 1 round per Hit Die she possesses. This is usable once per long rest, plus one additional time per four Hit Die the character possesses.
  • Automatic languages: Klaadünese
  • Citizenship: Klaadünese

Regional Bonuses in 3.5e

Same as above, with the following exceptions or additions:

  • Personable: Due to their personable nature and social outlook, all Klaadünese gain a +2 bonus to the following skills: Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information, Knowledge (local), Sense Motive
  • Turn on the Charm (Ex): Any Klaadünese may put forth extra effort into her personable skills. As a full round action she can gather her thoughts and “put on her best face,” granting her a +10 circumstance bonus to all Charisma-based skill checks for 1 round per Hit Die she possesses. This bonus stacks with the previously described regional bonus. This ability may be used once per day, plus one additional time per point of Charisma bonus.
  • Favored class: Beguiler (Player’s Handbook II); The Beguiler’s carefree manners, social interaction skills, and mind-affecting abilities provide a seamless fit into the Klaadün social setting.

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