Lady Lasciel Tuleen

Lasciel is short, slender, and beautiful. Rarely does she enter a room without everyone stopping to look her way. She has deep, dark brown hair that hangs in ringlets upon her shoulders, perfectly framing her porcelain face. Her eyes are a brown as deep as her hair and can flash from sparkling to knowing or from fiery to cold in the span of a heartbeat. Her full lips and elegantly shaped nose put the finishing touches on the beauty that is her face. Her appearance and manners create an air of someone used to authority and respect that speaks of noble birth. She is the picture of perfection. To make her smile is to make the world sigh with contentment. To make her laugh is to make the ages peal with glee. To make her angry is to cause the Realms to tremble.

Lasciel Tuleen is the heir to a powerful family in Nazca that is comprised of some of the most powerful mages in the history of that land. Lasciel is rapidly following in the path of her ancestors, growing ever more powerful each day. Rather than follow the paths of wizardy or sorcery, Lasciel has instead decided to follow the path of the warlock. She desires to gather all the knowledge of the world, a trait she shares with her wizard forebears, but she lacks the patience required to earn it. Her desire for knowledge and power is so strong that she literally wills her magics to work. No one knows what she plans to do with the knowledge she seeks, but it is obvious that she is ruthless in her pursuit.

Lasciel excels at manipulation. She uses the wealth of knowledge she has gathered thus far to create plausible tales of her power. Rather than intimidate people into following her or outright lying about her motives, she implies meanings and desires that people accept with little suspicion. She often acts as a coldly calculating neutral party, which is not far from the truth. Her darker side quickly identifies weaknesses or insecurities in people which she attempts to bolster and improve. She believes that the best way to gain followers is to make them love you. She then uses the faith of these people to have them help further her own motives.

Lady Lasciel rarely travels far without her personal bodyguard, Eustace Ovidio. Eustace is a highly trained warrior who is able to hold his ground in any combat, but his true focus is as a mage slayer. Some ask why Lady Lasciel, a prominent mage, would travel with such a man, but she quickly and bluntly shares the truth: “Should I ever succumb to the Dark Arts in my pursuit of Knowledge and lose control of my power, Eustace will be there to stop me, by any means necessary.”

Lady Lasciel Tuleen

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