Liar's Dice

Liar’s Dice is a game in which players try to outsmart each other by guessing how many of a certain die are rolled. Each player rolls five dice and can only see the dice they rolled.

Difficulty: Hard


Five six-sided dice with traditional dot faces are generally used per player, with dice cups used for concealment.

Each round, the players roll their dice while keeping them concealed from the other players. One player begins bidding, picking a quantity of a face 2 through 6. The quantity states the player’s opinion on how many of the chosen face have been rolled in total on the table. A 1 (“ace”) is wild and counts as the stated face of the current bid. In a five-dice, three-player game with wilds, the lowest bid is “one 2” and the highest bid “fifteen 6s”.

Each player has two choices during his turn: make a higher bid, or challenge the previous bid as being wrong. Raising the bid means either increasing the quantity, the face value, or both.

The player may bid an increased quantity of any face, or the same quantity of a higher face. Given a bid of “four fours”, the minimum raise is five of any face, or “four fives”. This allows a player to re-assert a lower face value believed to be predominant.

If the current player thinks the previous player’s bid is wrong, he challenges it, and then all dice are revealed to determine whether the bid was valid. If the number of the relevant face revealed is at least as high as the bid, then the bid is valid, in which case the bidder wins. Otherwise, the challenger wins. A challenge is generally indicated by simply revealing one’s dice, though it is customary to verbally make the challenge, by saying “I call you up”, “I call”, “You’re a liar”, or simply “Liar”.

When a player loses, whether by being called a liar or losing a challenge, he will lose a die. This means that in the next round he will roll four dice instead of five. The player must leave the table when he is out of dice.


Each round all players must risk a set amount of wages. One player, usually the winner of the last round, is selected to go first. This player places whatever amount of coin he pleases. Betting goes around the table. Each player then has three options: Raise, Match, or Quit. Betting ends once every player has chosen to Match or Quit. The player who wins will take the pot.

Liar's Dice

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