Lord Cyprus DeVane

Cyprus DeVane was born in 4573 SR. He and his brother attended the finest schools in Solarion. Their father was the High Commander of the Solarum Guard and as such he demanded much of his sons. He was most pleased with Cyprus’ brother, as he was the son that followed in his father’s footsteps. Their father made this fact well known and frequently scolded Cyprus for his bookish manners. However, against his father’s will, Cyprus would continue studying the Art of Magic and was quickly becoming extremely proficient.

Mere months after graduating from the schooling his father required, Cyprus abruptly vanished. He left behind all of his possessions and a note simply saying: “I will return and then you shall know my power.” His family spent years searching for him but no news ever came regarding their missing son.

Thirty years after leaving, in 4619 SR, Cyprus eventually reemerged as the most powerful wizard to walk Tellus. To this day no one knows what he did during his hiatus or how he came to master the Art of Magic. He was able to cast spell effects that not even the most prominent wizards could duplicate, even at the time of this writing. What is known is that at some point he developed an extreme hatred for Elves and elven kind. With magic coursing through his veins, Cyprus began a terrible campaign to eradicate the elves.

But Cyprus’ genocide was executed in a fashion never before seen. His battles were not waged on the field between armies but in the centers of cities and governments. Cyprus managed to sway the country of Alduria to move against the elves. He aided those in need and helped the race of Man gain an even greater place among the numerous races. In many areas Cyprus was viewed as a saint for the aid he gave. He even manage to marry the Queen of Solarion, Lady Neean, and together they birthed a child, Arqualius DeVane. In mere decades Cyprus used his good reputation and managed to convince every prominent city in Alduria to ostracize all citizens of Elven blood. The elven people gathered at the only place they were welcome: the Timeless Valley. They thought they were safe; that there in their homeland no one could cause them misery. But they had greatly underestimated the will and power of Cyprus DeVane. Indeed, so had all of Alduria.

With the Elves standing alone and so nicely surrounded by the mountains that make the Timeless Valley, Cyprus and an army of Scro marched on the valley and nearly eradicated all elven kind. It was during the Elven Holocaust that Cyprus unleashed his most awe-inspiring and dreadful spell: the Lake of Fire. During the climax of the battle, Cyprus rode his red dragon mount directly above the battlefield and hovered there for a full sixty minutes. His entourage of evil sorcerers, mages, and warriors flew around him on their own dragon mounts, ensuring that no creature would harm Cyprus and break his concentration. In the summer of 4638 SR, at the completion of the Lake of Fire spell, the entire Valley filled with flowing, scorching fire and instantly killed all within, including most of Cyprus’ own army. Ninety percent of all elven bloodlines in Tellus were ended that day. All Cyprus had to do was destroy the remaining elves that lay in hiding and his genocide would be complete. His Scro army was of no concern, as he knew their rapid birthing rates would replenish their numbers in half a decade.

Luckily for the elves, Cyprus was stopped by a band of adventurers. Later called the Saviours of Alduria, this group of heroes attacked Cyprus and his entourage. They slew most of Cyprus’ men and captured the Dread Mage. They took him to Solarion for questioning and imprisonment. While he was obviously powerful enough to escape, Cyprus’ dedication to law kept him honor-bound to stay behind bars. Fortunately, his trial lasted long enough that the Saviours of Alduria spearheaded a campaign to eradicate the Scro and stop his inevitable escape. This campaign ended in the mutual destruction of both the Scro and the Gnoll during the great Race Wars.

Unfortunately for the Saviours, a group of highly ranked members of Solarion pointed out that the Saviours were guilty of double genocide. They were later acquitted of these charges, but the precedent of their trial allowed Cyprus to challenge his incarceration. He was later acquitted of his crimes and set free after the High Court of Solarion ruled that his actions were in line with those of the Saviours; rather than imprison the greatest heroes the people of Alduria had ever known they chose instead to release Cyprus. He was banished from Alduria forever, never to return under pain of death. No knowledge of his location or actions has been gathered since.

It is remarkable to note that at the time of banishment, Lord Cyprus was 114 years old. This is, no doubt, a side effect of his uncanny master of magic.

The Solarum Guard repelling the Dread Mage and his army during an attack on Solarion. Image by nebezial via DeviantArt


Cyprus DeVane is perhaps the most difficult character to analyze. His actions were at once noble and kind as well as vile and repulsive. He dares not break any laws and he always helped those in need, assuming they were not of Elven blood. This brings to mind his terrible deeds during the Elven Holocaust and the horrid, dark side of Cyprus. Those that knew him claim that he was noble, courteous, and extremely well-mannered. He was not easily angered or overly aggressive, nor was he arrogant or cruel. If one were to remove the Elven slaughter from his history, Cyprus would undoubtedly be one of the most renowned exemplars in the land. There are some that pray for his return while others fear the reappearance of the Dread Mage of Alduria.

Lord Cyprus DeVane

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