Lucky Stag

The Lucky Stag in Uscan consists of one large room that is designed to look as much like a forest as possible. Trees grow up from the floor and breach the ceiling, spreading their canopies above the roof. The floor is smooth dirt, packed hard from the feet of thousands of gamblers. All of the tables and benches intricately carved to depict scenes typical of a forest. Cutting through the center of the building is a small, crystal clear stream filled with various elegant looking fish. Beds of soft grass serve as lounging areas for customers seeking rest or relaxation. The Lucky Stag is the best place in Uscan for those who wish to escape the city without actually leaving.


The Lucky Stag is yet another themed casino. The owner of the casino was once travelling through the forest and was set upon by a group of highwaymen. Much to his relief, a Druid sent a group of stags to drive off the highwaymen. The Druid never explained his reason for intervening nor did she ask for any reward; she merely took her herd and left. Since that day the man has done everything he can to adopt the teachings of the Druids. He uses the greed of men to fund projects whose goals are the rejuvenation of destroyed forests and other natural areas.


In accordance with their theme, the Lucky Stag has elected to hire on warriors who are one with nature. Their main force consists of townsfolk who have been trained in martial skill. The Lucky Stag is fortunate enough to have a handful of rangers at their disposal as well. In addition, there are a few Druids that may pass by town and wish to serve until they grow bored of the novelty of the Lucky Stag. The fighting force is arranged into units according to their relative strength and numbers. Each unit is then named for an animal that best represents this.


The Lucky Stag freely offers nearly every game one can think of. They do not allow any sort of fighting, such as gladiatorial matches or a Mage Duel, as this goes against the owner’s pacifistic doctrine. Nor do they allow the game of Liar’s Dice simply because the owner feels that it is a game suited to lowly scum, such as the highwaymen that tried to murder him.

The house chips used at the Lucky Stag are called Stones. Each piece is a small, walnut-sized stone. The value of each stone is determined by an engraved rune.

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Lucky Stag

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