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The World of Tellus Awaits!

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The dwarven armies of Marr Drukat march against the Merchant Kings of Ungoria. The elves retreat to their homeland after facing near extinction at the hands of the Dread Mage. A band of thieves and cut-throat bandits grow unchecked in Alduria, guided by an unseen force with knowledge no man should know. The barbarous hordes of Shanxi break through the defensive lines of Nazca and spread chaos over the land. And throughout it all, countless heroes stand and fight, forging tales of courage and greatness that will last for centuries. Behold the world of Tellus and all its splendor!


Campaigns in Tellus – Pre-made Adventures
History of Tellus – Historic Timeline, Holidays, & Calendar Details
House Rules – How to Play in Tellus
People of Tellus – Organizations, Characters, and the Gods
Regions of Tellus – Countries, Cities, & Landmarks
Templates – How-to Guides on Wiki Page Creation

Main Page

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