Nedrill is one of the oldest towns in Alduria, having been formed ages ago as an outlying guard post for the Free City of Greyhawk. But Greyhawk’s control has been condensed and solidified over the ages, and Nedrill was granted freedom nearly two centuries ago. However, without the aid of Greyhawk’s armies to patrol the border, vile creatures soon invaded the countryside and began to prey upon the small town. This did not mean the end of the town, of course, but merely stunted its growth.

Mere decades ago a roaming Paladin entered Nedrill in search of a final resting place to call home. This man was Content Not Found: sir-edwin, one of the finest Knights to walk the land. Sir Edwin educated and trained the townsfolk and led numerous campaigns to cleanse the countryside of the vile creatures that would prey upon his home. In time, the area was free of threat and worry, and Nedrill was free to grow and prosper into the fine city that it now is.

Although it could easily grow beyond its current size, the city rulers have chosen to keep it as small as possible. The entire city is abnormally clean and all the buildings are made of the same smooth-cut white stone. One of the most striking aspects of the city is its extremely strict law enforcement. The city has created lengthy laws and each one is harshly enforced. Per Sir Edwin’s guidelines, the town can only protect itself if there is no fear of threat from within. Thus, the town leaders decided to create and enforce these laws for the overall benefit of the people; this allows the militia and guard to focus on keeping the countryside free of evil.

Demographics and Statistics

Town Size: Large Town
Population: 4,800 adults (+2,400 non adults)
Gp Limit: 3,000 Gp
Ready Cash: 720,000 Gp
Power Center: Conventional – Monarchy
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Racial Demographics: 79% Human, 9% Halfling, 5% Dwarf, 3% Gnome, 2% Half-Orc, 2% Other
Guards: 150 full-time (Home Guard), 250 militia

Important Characters:

Highest Levels of Each Class (Multiples Spawn Separate Lower Levels, Except Those Marked *):

  • Adepts: One 4th Level
  • Aristocrats: One 6th and Four 3rd Level
  • Barbarians: One 6th Level
  • Bards: One 8th Level
  • Clerics: One 4th Level
  • Commoners: One 9th Level
  • Druids: One 7th Level
  • Experts: One 8th Level
  • Fighters: One 5th Level
  • Monks: One 4th Level
  • Paladins: One 11th* and One 3rd Level
  • Rangers: One 4th Level
  • Rogues: One 6th Level
  • Sorcerers: One 4th Level
  • Warriors: One 8th Level
  • Wizards: 6th Level

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