Noelia Moreen

Noelia’s history is unknown to all but her closest friends, which consists of her two daggers and herself.

Noelia might have been a normal halfling girl. Soft, smooth facial features and deeply dark eyes could have made her the most beautiful halfling in any village. Her blond hair, a trait widely uncommon among halflings, would have all but secured that fate. But those same dark eyes have a habit of darting around a room too often, giving Noelia an air of constant suspicion. Her ears twitch at every sound, sometimes accompanied by a slight jerk of the head. These traits coupled with her small body give Noelia the appearance of a common mouse, which causes many people to overlook her presence or underestimate her lethality. Noelia is a highly talented and successful thief and assassin. She acknowledges her “undesired” traits and has no reserves about using them to create a false air of timidity, which she then uses to get close to her targets.

Noelia has a past that is drenched in blood. She was born to one of the few halfling groups in the barbarous land of Shanxi and was trained since birth to kill. While the larger races in Shanxi use their size and brute strength to win their battles, the smaller races must turn to secrecy and deceit. Noelia’s family is one of the top tier assassins and rogues in Shanxi, able to eradicate entire tribes of human barbarians in one shadowy night’s work. Eventually the lure of coin drew her clan to the borders of Shanxi and Nazca, where they became deeply involved in the war between the two countries.

Unfortunately, even the most well trained sneak thief can do little in the face of an all out assault. And so did Noelia’s group meet such an end. One of the Nazcaan battalions they assaulted was not entirely assassinated. The survivors tracked Noelia’s group and sought their revenge. With her group weakened beyond ability to survive, Noelia did the thing she was ever trained to do: survive. She fled Shanxi for a land where she might find survival more tangible, and against all of the rules of her upbringing, she decided that land was Nazca.

Keeping far from the border and the war, Noelia began selling her skills. She drifted from place to place offering her talents to teach younglings the finer part of combat. She felt little sorrow in the knowledge that those she trained would one day inevitably find themselves in the war, killing Noelia’s former countrymen. Eventually, she found herself teaching the children of the Tuleen and Ovido families.

After a number of years, Lady Lasciel Tuleen, the heir to the Tuleen estate, decided to venture out of Nazca and scour the land for knowledge and power. With her she took her personal bodyguard, Eustace Ovidio, and Noelia. It was a venture Noelia readily agreed to, if only for the chance to let her daggers soak in the blood of her foes once more.

Noelia Moreen

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