People of Tellus

Below is a list of the noteworthy races, people, and organizations of Tellus. It can be assumed that all races or people mentioned in any core D&D® rulebook can also be found in Tellus. When a contradiction exists, assume that the details listed in this wiki are correct. For example, the warforged and various lizardfolk tribes have different characteristics and histories in Tellus than in the core rulebooks.

This section details only large groups of people and their general characteristics. For individual characters please see the Characters in Tellus section.

Deities & Demigods

  • Altua – Lesser Deity of Honor and War
  • Ikol – Lesser Deity of Secrets and Shadow
  • Loran Sharkhin – Lessor Deity of the Seven Knightly Virtues (Unconfirmed)
  • Tymora – Goddess of Luck, Chance, and Chaos

Organizations & Factions


  • Deku – Humanoid plants living only in the Gray Wood
  • Gnoll – Race of dog-like humanoids, extinct after the Race Wars
  • Lizardfolk – Reptilian humanoids found all over the world of Tellus
  • Scro – A rare breed of highly intelligent orc, these were the tools of the Dread Mage
  • Myconid – Very small mushroom men that reside in forests and dame caves
  • Stellar Deva – Highly advance race of space-faring creatures, not native to the Material Plane
  • Warforged – Ancient constructs created for the Psychanical War now roam the world seeking their purpose
  • Vrill – Docile, ox-like humanoids that serve the Stellar Deva

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People of Tellus

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