Regions of Tellus

Tellus is a land that is as varied as they come. It holds within its arms lands that are at once beautiful and terrifying, loving and deadly, good and evil. This world is full of all of the mystical, magical, and fantastical creatures and stories common to other worlds based in the D&D® universe, and even contains more than a few unique tricks all of its own.

Tellus is based in the Prime Material plane and is the home world to the common base races. It can be assumed that any creature stated in any D&D® Rulebook as a native creature is native to the world of Tellus. The world itself is very old, with a history extending beyond even that of the other Planes, although much of that history has been lost to the ravages of time and war. In fact, the Gods themselves do not know how Tellus originated, or if they do they have decided not to speak of it. The oldest historical records belong to Solarion, the largest and most impressive city in the world. The historical records of Solarion date back over 4,600 years and are the basis for the world’s most often used calendar, the Solarion Reckoning (SR).

Tellus contains only six primary continents and eleven countries. The continents are: Alduria, Elyrdia, Klaadün, Nyasa, Sadarax, and Ungoria. Of those, only Nyasa and Ungoria contain any countries not sharing the same name as the continent upon which it resides. Nyasa contains the countries of Nanoi, Nazca, Shanxi, and Ubangi-Shari. Ungoria contains the countries of Drizzaru, Lherdaun, and Thraxabar. Each of those countries has its own unique personalities, dialects, and customs. Those will be explained in this chapter.

Each region also grants certain bonuses and traits to citizens born to that region. Most of these benefits are self-explanatory. These regional bonuses are written primarily for fifth edition rules, but changes are noted for 3.5 edition rules, where applicable. It should be noted that any regional bonuses stack with normal bonuses for class and race. For example, the 3.5e favored classes stack with the racial favored classes and the 5e skill proficiency stack with other sources of skill proficiency. Regional bonuses only apply to intelligent creatures that can join or are members in any established societies. This means that the base races and their variants are eligible, but the less civilized “monstrous” races often are not.

For example, giants are intelligent creatures but often live in the woods in their own bands and societies, meaning they are not eligible for these benefits. But if a giant was born in a town in Shanxi and lived there his entire life he would be able to gain these bonuses. In the end, it depends on the character’s backstory and the DM’s ruling to decide who can and cannot benefit from these regional bonuses. More often than not, these bonuses are only applied to Player Characters that meet the above criteria.

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Regions of Tellus

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