The western-most continent of the planet Tellus. The land is perpetually covered in ice and is home to the coldest weather in all of Tellus. Separated from Nanoi by the [Insert Name] Ocean. The Sadaraxican people are often regarded as cold, single-minded, and determined to the point of stubbornness; the harshness of the land has forced them to develop what others perceive as harsh attitudes. One of the main point of interest of Sadarax is that no one of Sadaraxican descent can ever use magic, even if they attempt to learn as a wizard does. This forced the Sadaraxicans to hone their martial skills and develop technologies beyond any other in the world.

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Notable Citizens

Regional Bonuses

  • Spellsaken: For reasons unknown, no person of Sadaraxican descent can ever harness the powers of magic, be it arcane or divine. This includes learned classes, like wizard, and birthright classes, like sorcerer. Likewise, no spell-like abilities can ever be gained or used. Note that this does not extend to psionics, but it is highly unlikely any Sadaraxican psion will live to reach adulthood; the Psychanical War with Nanoi has produced an extreme intolerance of psions in Sadarax. Although Sadaraxicans cannot learn to weave spells as people from other lands do, they can learn to mimic the abilities through the Use Magic Device skill.
  • Tinkerer: Sadarax has pushed all of their efforts into the production of technological and steam-powered marvels. This is directly a result of their inability to harness magic. As a result, each Sadaraxican gains a +2 bonus to all Craft skills. Any Sadaraxican wishing to craft an item quicker adds +5 to the DC rather than the standard +10. Lastly, Sadaraxicans can still use the Craft (Alchemy) skill, even though none of them can ever be a spellcaster.
  • Magic Immunity: One beneficial side effect of the inability to ever use magic is that magical effects are more difficult to impose upon any Sadaraxican. This grants them Spell Resistance equal to 11 + the character's total Hit Die. Unfortunately, this Spell Resistance cannot be voluntarily lowered, something that makes magical healing and other beneficial spells somewhat less effective. In addition, each Sadaraxican gains a +2 to saves against any magical effect. Note: An Aldurian that chooses this benefit must also suffer the Spellsaken effects.
  • Favored class:
  • Automatic languages: Sadaraxican
  • Citizenship: Sadaraxican

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